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Stay away from their pharmakeia! / Christians shackled together at the feet and held as prisoner – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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Stay away from their pharmakeia! / Christians shackled together at the feet and held as prisoner

February 20, 2023 2:28 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

I had a dream in the early hours of Sunday morning (February 19, 2023). In the dream I was in what appeared to be a mall and there was a large rectangular platform built up in the middle of it. About 8 adults stood in various places in front of this platform who were all related to these current ’shots’ (pharmacists, pharmaceutical company representatives, hired administrators, etc).

Two women were on the left side of this platform administering a ‘shot’ to a young blonde haired girl who looked to be about 9 years old. Almost immediately after they gave it to her, she staggered backwards a little and then suddenly fell forward onto the hard floor, dead. I was enraged! I began to yell at the women, “You killed her! You just killed her! You’re murderers!” They seemed to have very little reaction to me or to the fact that a child just died in front of them. I then looked at the other people who stood silently in front of the platform (who I knew to be pharmacists and those who worked for a certain ‘V’ company) and yelled, “You are ALL murderers! You killed her with your pharmakeia!” After that I began to declare to the few members of the public that were nearby, “Stay away from their pharmakeia!”

Moments later, all the people in the mall began running around in sheer panic, coming from all directions (it seemed to be caused from something else that had happened in the world, but I don’t know what). I walked past them and decided it was time to leave the mall as it no longer seemed safe. I headed to a special line in a clear corridor-like area on the side of the mall to wait in line to exit. I exited here into the parking lot where I found my husband and we got into a car. We drove to an isolated spot that almost looked like a junk yard entrance, where we found Christians on a bus.

These Believers seemed to be chained and shackled together at the feet and held as prisoner by people who were transporting them somewhere else. Just then, these small black placards appeared on the Believer’s foreheads. They were little bigger than a postage stamp set on its side and reminded me of the metal plates that the high priests wore on their foreheads in biblical times which read, “Holy unto Yahweh”.

At the same time these things appeared and marked the Believers’ foreheads, glowing lights appeared in various places within their bodies. These illuminated certain spots in their bodies but did not encompass all of their bodies with light. However, whenever the Believers would huddle closer together or join hands to pray, these internal glowing lights that were visible from the outside grew larger and increased in their glow. Specifically, when the Christians would join hands in prayer, this golden glowing light would appear in their hands and would grow brighter as they touched.

End of dream~

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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