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STAY AWAY FROM HALLOWEEN: SATAN’S UNHOLY DAY!!! – Looking Towards the Heaven for Jesus.


Looking Towards the Heaven for Jesus


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Hello brothers and sisters in Christ and
we new to my channel welcome everyone
well I’m back unexpectedly I thought it
would even be some time for comeback but
I didn’t know that the Lord was perhaps
we want to give me a message for
Halloween and I’ve just been waiting I
just felt it in my spirit and just the
Lord’s disapproval of it and strong
disapproval of it how he is not happy
about how so many Christians are
celebrating this and even some on
YouTube that talk about their you know
they’re waiting for the Lord to come
even it’s said that they are even
celebrating Halloween but they wouldn’t
admit it to others and some of them are
even doing it with her grandchildren and
her children and and so you know it’s a
big problem and and what he was saying
is he don’t won’t eat you know it’s you
know followers of Jesus Christ look the
one sensitive areas crops he does not
want us have anything to do it because
it is a day for us for Satan it’s an
unholy day okay and if the Lord woke me
up this morning at six o’clock and I
knew he was you know gonna give me a
word I could I could tell I wasn’t sure
what it was going to be and I just went
it went ahead and went in prayer I
started doing praise and worship and got
got quiet you know my lifetime with the
Lord she’s got steel and and then I took
that one word but she says it’s not be
released yet and that was a run that was
sometime after six o’clock and and then
I was approaching the hour of nine
o’clock and the Lord started to give me
another word and this is was given at
9:25 a.m. and it ends at 10:00 12 a.m.
and it’s for Halloween
and the Lord you know I say he’s not
happy about it in the title of it is my
excuse me stay away from Halloween
Satan’s unholy day and this image I was
led to you see it as well as I noticed
two other brothers had used this image
or in it just says Halloween a satanic
holiday okay because the Lord talks
about it being a holiday and my word so
it was very fitting but I don’t think I
was able to get out of the image in
there so please excuse me but I did want
to let you know what it says yes and I
will share some other videos I do have
one under my community page by another
brother but I’ll try to share some other
ones today along with this one so that
we can get the warning signs like I said
we’re all working together with this
with these warnings okay and I’ll go
ahead and begin my children it is very
simple stay away from this pagan holiday
Satan’s day my children should know
those who say they are mine if it looks
evil it is evil that that simple my
children perished for the lack of
knowledge I would that you abide in me
and my word for it shall set you free
indeed or else be in Grievous error when
you and your children observe this
unholy day and worship Satan and hear
what he just kept telling me well it’s
no one they are unknowingly if you per
take then you are against me it is all
an abomination I will repay and I asked
him what do you mean Lord repay punish
chastise discipline those who heed not
the warnings given and those who
continue in sin this sin you are not
beyond reproach do not celebrate it do
not get involved in
any activities even churches if anyone
tries to give you or your children
anything of it refuse it and warn others
of this danger if your child your scuse
me your children come home with it
immediately burn it and here I just came
up Lord why you know I mean I have some
ideas but I just wanted to make sure and
he said a lot of times it’s carrying
witchcraft but we also know it opens
doors do not keep any Halloween items in
your houses they open doors to the evil
and demons have the right to come in and
stay and wreak heavy because you allowed
it and doors are opened this is the
darkest day yet more darkness has moved
in to consume whoever is not protected
by me more evil has come to your realm
cover yourselves and your children and
your families this day is a day of
sacrifice meaning don’t you talk about
the Halloween Oh
let’s find get that back up well let’s
see I get your sock no ok so let’s just
get back to the board I’m not gonna
worry about it
okay so let me see why stop sorry guys
this day is a day of sacrifice of my
children and so much blood is shed
please my children pray for those who
become vulnerable and kidnapped and
tortured by these wicked people call a
solemn assembly whale more and fast and
intercede on their behalf today and the
following days and here I ask you know
Lord about it and just he would like
first just to you know come together as
a group
you know fast how however you can as
much as you can but what I was given is
as soon as this video post if you can
fast from that point on until sunrise in
the morning okay and the Lord even
offered an ester fast which is three
days if you can even go three days that
would be wonderful
like my blood Sugar’s getting low now so
I mean I’ve been fasting since this
morning you know when I got up of the
lord’ll I’m eating a little bit and
drink a little bit but I have not pro
take of any meals and I know that some
people you know have some issue with
issues and you may need to eat a little
bit more or whatever you know drink more
just seek the Lord on that about what
you can do okay cuz I’m not gonna tell
you each and every one of you what to do
okay I’ll just give you a few
suggestions then and but the Lord may
even allow you to fasts and some other
activities that you and Joey okay just
check with him but we definitely need to
think he’s stressed is please being
prayer and interceding for those that
are in danger right now of you know
these evil acts that can be done and all
the children today that are out let us
please pray for them in their parents
that don’t know any better like he says
the lack of knowledge the you know they
perish so let’s pray for all these
children okay
and that they would be safe and
protected from this evil as it continues
to grow okay
and then be vigilant and of a sound mind
my love’s put on the whole armor of God
so you stand against the wiles of the
be bold not having the spirit of fear
use the weapons of warfare I have given
you and fight my beloved stand I say
stand you are victorious and all things
as I strengthen you I will mount you up
on eagle’s wings and restore you and you
shall run and not grow faint and won’t
and not be weary all things are possible
in me cover yourselves in my blood love
you my dear ones
Jesus Jehovah Jireh I shall provide the
Good Shepherd you shall fear no evil I
am with you hallelujah okay so then I
asked the Lord if there was anything
else that he would like for me to it
excuse me include and he said to make
sure today that you speak over yourself
life victory in all things and that no
weapon would be formed against Jeep the
Lord then went out to her field and and
he gave me this yesterday so he brought
it back to me he was just a day before
because I was telling another sister in
Christ to be aware of this and inches
she’s got a child so very important to
note this if you have children the Lord
would field restaurants have many
witches and warlocks working at them now
and that they put witchcraft spells in
like enter on the food so please pray
over your food and ask that it be
also Walmart and other stores
we’ve got witches and warlocks that
should go into the stores or could be
people that work there as well just like
in the restaurants they plant witchcraft
on items so please cover your cover
yourselves before you
go into the stores or restaurants before
you touch anything and pray over these
items at the stores okay before that you
would bring them into your homes
okay and also make sure that you keep
your houses your whole house unknowing
it your doorways your window waste but
it excuse me your windows particularly
doorways because the Lord said you’re
entering in and out and when you’re
bringing things in you want to make sure
that y’all your doors are secure and you
know and make sure that those items are
you know cover those items before you’d
pouring them in ask the Lord to bless
them as well just make sure that there’s
nothing relating to any paganism now
okay or anything evil of darkness okay
be careful about that and anything he
said to make sure that you cover your
vehicle’s as well as your pets and then
another thing I want to bring to y’all’s
attention that I know I want to tell
y’all too with restaurants make sure
that you look at their menus like where
you’re ordering from by their logos on
their buildings or their like their
menus what they offer because the Lord
also pointed this out to me with a local
restaurant I’m not gonna give the name
of it because I might get a YouTube
strike or something might happen but
it’s I would say it’s a Cajun restaurant
and if you go look it’s very popular
here in the south if you’ll go look at
some of the these restaurants and that
would be from like Louisiana this is
that type or Creole restaurant its said
on there that they had voodoo
chicken available chicken tenders so
sweet guys right there that tells us how
devious the plots are becoming with you
know the enemy and those that weren’t
for him you know witchcraft is
everywhere so we have to be very careful
to pray over to everything and ask Lord
to bless it okay just can’t stress that
enough specially with you know little
children and
and grandchildren you know just like we
know that soiling the churches it’s you
know solomon’s churches so it’s nothing
new to us the only difference is it’s
just getting more widespread you know
throughout this world is darkness
increases as the Lord has its you know
just been warning us all this gross
darkness is starting to cover the earth
and and then evil will increase and
we’ll see worse things as the day’s
progressed and and before the coming of
our Lord Jesus Christ but anyway guys
please share this video and if you have
any questions just leave them in the
comment section for me I love you all
and if the Lord I didn’t have time to do
scriptures but I love what always gives
me – I will ask him about Scripture say
gives me I’ll put them in the
description box and I’ll update it later
I’ll try to get this transcript put up
as soon as I can this whale and but I
love you all and I’ll just you know be
safe out there today keep yourselves
covered in the blood of Jesus there’s
none other
you mean Church amen and hallelujah he
is the only Savior praise God
and I’ll god bless you all Shalom

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