Stay Awake – Carla

By Carla

Stay Awake
April 25, 2018

Daughter, write these Words,

I’m coming are you ready? … Do you sense My Spirit warning you to stay awake? … Are your lamps full? … Stand ready at all times!

Turbulent times are coming forward and MOST are not ready … Unimaginable events will stop men in their tracks and chaos will reign … These events are NOT what most will expect when they are happening all around them.

I have spoken in My Word all that will happen concerning the end of the age, though most DO NOT believe what they read … It is by My hand that all the pieces will fall into place, according to My Holy Word … man can NOT change what is written by My Father … Though man has tried to change the order of events coming upon them, they have no control over what has been ordained before the foundation of all things … MY FATHERS WORD WILL STAND!

Many run to and fro proclaiming events that are coming, but they are seeing in part and knowing in part, fore it is My Father who knows all.

Stand ready at all times, listen to My Holy Spirit, He leads to all truth and will lead you to understand instructions during the chaos coming upon the nations … You must incline your spirit to MY Spirit and walk according to My instructions.

I will never leave you alone when you yield to My Holy Spirit … Take courage in knowing I lead My sheep and they WILL NOT follow another, they hear My voice and follow Me.

Thank You Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word … I love you and need you.


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