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Sep 16, 2019, 3:13 PM
Collins Ouma


Hello bro.praise the Lord bro. Ever since my posting about demon Bella Rosa we have passed through tough trials and attacks including break in and robbery in the houses. At midnight we are physically hindered to pray for the saints. Furthermore the enemy has withheld finances.we are having very very hard time feeding our families and concentrating with prayers. Please send out prayer requests on our behalf to fellow saints and if the Lord will lead any to step in and financially support us we will appreciate it. May the Lord bless u abundantly for the good work.

Fellow saint in need,
Br Collins Ouma,
Busia Kenya

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Please keep Collins Ouma in your prayers

If you feel lead to help Collins financially
Paypal info below
Username:Collins Ouma
Paypal email:collins12ouma@gmail.com

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  1. armando

    Blessed brother COLLINS,

    Is there a link to send a donation brother?
    Peace of Christ,
    brother in Christ.

  2. Collins Ouma

    Praise God bro Armanda.i have never operated nor received money from abroad.All i may have is my bank accounts and an mpesa operated number.
    KCB BANK 1140103482
    EQUITY BANK 0780198802316
    MPESA SAFARICOM NO +254 729589793.
    The banks above all operate online money transfers via western union


    Praying for you and all the body of Christ. We are all under heavy attack. It’s like a cern has been opened within the last week because I’m being attacked non stop for a week. I’m very weary.

  4. Br Collins

    Hello bro.i have managed to create a paypal account
    Paypal username:Collins Ouma
    Paypal email:collins12ouma@gmail.com

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