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Stars Will Fall Like Rain – Carla Smith

Carla Smith

Stars Will Fall Like Rain

January 19, 2017

Daughter, write these words which I give you,

Many events are on the horizon … Stars will fall like rain, My judgments have been spoken by My servants, many do not listen… Time passes by and all seems well… all is NOT well.

My children who are listening to My voice go forth in My strength, preparing for the battle ahead… I will cause all who follow Me to have a purpose and assignment, they will know what I’m speaking and lead others to stand at their posts… Many are aware of what they will do at My command and others are waiting their assignments … Believe this! I WILL have an army battle ready! Many have waited for their marching orders and wait for My command … Some may question what they are supposed to do, … wait for My prompting, you will be made to know your assignment… Fear NOT! I AM with you every step you take… I go before you in the battle … My warriors are fearless and willing!

My hand holds the shield of righteousness … My angels are ready on every front, the battle plan is laid out … Now go forth in knowledge that the battle is Mine and I go before you … Stand strong in My Might! … I share insight to all who are close to Me … Come close and you will have answers needed for what lies ahead… I AM close to all who draw close to Me.

FEAR NOT! The battle is Mine says The Lord Of Hosts! I bring full understanding to the ones I prepare.

Thank You Lord for this Word, I love You.

Exodus 14:14 Deuteronomy 9:3, 33:27 2 Chronicles 20:12-17 Psalms 25:4/5, 27:13/14, 33:20-22
Isaiah 30:18, 40:31 Lamentations 3:25 Micah 7:7 Habakkuk 2:1-3 Revelation 6:12-13, 12

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  1. Hannah

    My favorite parts were “My warriors are fearless and willing!” and “FEAR NOT! The battle is Mine says The Lord Of Hosts! I bring full understanding to the ones I prepare.” Thank you for sharing! Many blessings!

  2. Thank you Carla for this amazing Word. I appreciate the picture of the meteors coming towards earth, for this pic accurately reminds me of one of my first visionary experiences after holy Spirit baptism, almost 18 years ago. The Lord gave me to plainly see an entire field of meteors coming towards earth in the dark of night. There was no direct sun or sun light in the vision, but every rock was clearly visible by background light. From the objects I could see, I estimated the size of the rocks of the meteor storm to range from pebbles up to the size of cars, trucks, and large buses. I shutter to think of what the sky will look like from down here when this rock storm hits earth!?
    Another time a few years later, the Lord took me on a trip into deep space to witness first-hand up close a couple of different situations. One of the things I was shown was a huge space rock apparently headed towards earth, the location back then was unknown. I had an angelic escort of the Light Kingdom, who flew along next to me on my left, and slightly ahead. As we flew thru space side by side, he had his hands clasped in front of him, & there was a glow of Light that emanated from his head & chest area. He was HUGE, & I knew he was there as my guardian. I noticed off to my right side a glowing moon-like object & decided to go in for a closer look. I began to steer towards it after glancing at the angel to make sure he was OK with my exploring? That’s when I discovered I was flying completely by mind control, as to turning & speed. For what I willed to happen is what I did. As we approached this huge rock, I was utterly amazed at it’s design, for it appeared to have been spun while very hot or molten, for it had a kind of circular fin structure that reminds me of the fins on the bottom side of a mushroom, all spread out & encircling a small inner core. There was empty space between each of the fins protruding out from a small solid core. All of the fin blades appeared to be super hot & looked like molten iron flowing back on the outer edges of the fins. The entire overall structure of the rock was round, as if it were a small planet, as at first I thought it was a moon from a distance. But on approach, I could see that all of the space between the fins was empty or hollow. I guessed that the fin material must have had a lot of iron in it for the fins to be spun out so thin without breaking? I took aim between 2 of the large fins near the center core that appeared to have a good 20’ to 30′ of space between them, & flew right thru, like flying down a hallway. Later, while pondering over what I saw out there that day, I wondered if this rock was actually a kind of comet or asteroid headed our way, & perhaps the ’empty space’ between the fins might actually be filled with whatever makes a comet burn like a torch? I also wondered if I flew thru it ‘in the Spirit’ realm, & in the natural realm it might have actually been on fire or blazing, such as a burning comet? In any case, I believe it’s a close-up view of what’s coming. rick

  3. J.B

    About two days ago I was talking with Jesús but then the Father tell me something and sudenlly i saw him throwing fire rocks to the earth also i saw a bride doing the same thing

  4. Jesse Terrell

    I liked the last line…”Thank You LORD for this word. I love You.”

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