Jun 6, 2022, 9:38 AM
Steve Kelly

This word was first given to me in 1999.

Having been a soldier myself earlier in life.

I was well acquainted with the importance and severity of "Standing Orders".

In the military, to disobey a standing order ALWAYS came with disciplinary consequence and most often including (but not limited to) a reduction in rank.

I say this to emphasize the importance of Standing orders in any military.

These words have proven accurate and effective having served me well over two decades.

The Lord has put on my heart to release these now to the Standing body of Christ.


Recieved 1999

1. Do not act on your own initiative or counsel. wait upon me and I will give you wisdom and my timing in all things.

2. The power of life and death is in the tongue.
Speak only those things which are given by Me.

There is a special importation of MY Spirit upon your mouth, and My powerful calling is upon your life.

3. There is more than one form of dissipation.
Do not let your idle words dissipate the Spirit which I have placed on your life.

Many have fallen from where you are about to tread.

4. Only I am able, Trust in Me.
You have already experienced loss which need not have occurred.

Seek Me in All things and do not trust in flesh, your own or others. Even those in whom you have trusted in the past can no longer assist you.

5. Stand where I place you and await My Victory In you.

(Jer 13:19)  If you return, then I will bring you back.

You shall stand before Me.

If you take the precious from the vile.
You shall be as My mouth.

Let them return to you.
But you must not turn to them.

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