America, Judgment, Prophecy


By Ms. Sophie

Sunday August 6, 2017

Daughter, write these words down

I have come against you O’America and My judgment has been set forth. Your time is very soon and what once was will no longer be. Instead of turning back to Me, you continue in your abominations, in your filth, in your corruption, in your greed for power and control; devising plans to harm the innocent. Your hands are quick to shed blood and this blood shall be upon your own heads for your day of judgment awaits!

You have removed Me from every facet in your nation as you push your false gods on My children. You serve the enemy and he will take you to the lake of fire with him in the end. Your false gods shall not save you.

Oh how wicked you have become O’America! I will no longer sit idly by as your stench has reached the heavens. I must purge this nation of its evil. My children, do not follow the ways of the heathen and be met with destruction which is their fate. Did I not say “nothing unclean will enter in”?

I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and My Word says “Be ye Holy for I am Holy”. My children, you continue to make excuses for your sins teaching others that sin can never be overcome. I have overcome the world and you can walk away from worldly lusts but you do not desire to obey and follow Me. Do you desire to die in your sins?

You seek after fleshy gain, fleshy lusts. You seek earthly things, not heavenly things. Your money has become “your god”. You base your worth on how much you possess. You hunger for more but are never filled, never satisfied. Your values are askewed and you live lives in moral decay. This is the broad road which leads to your demise. Life is short! Everlasting life is eternal and burning in the lake of fire is also eternal.

Most are not prepared for what is coming because your kingdoms were built on sand. You did not come to the Rock. My Kingdom shall never fall! Lives are about to be forever changed. The things of this world you idolize will be stripped from you. You MUST get your spiritual house in order for the things of this world are about to go away forever.

For years, I have sent so many of My Chosen vessels to warn you. This was for your own good so you would be prepared but instead you laughed and mocked because a major event did not happen. Children, they mocked and laughed in the Days of Noah and in the days of Lot. As I did in that day I am about to do again. It was too late for those then and soon it will be too late for you if you do not listen. I AM is not mocked! Your days of laughter will become days of mourning if you do not seek My face and repent of the errors of your ways.

I AM is in control of all things and all things are subject unto Me. It is My kingdom to come, My will be done, not yours. Do not live as those who say “Live as thou wilt”. This is a lie from the enemy.

Do not choose eternity of flames of fire but come drink of the fountain of living waters. Come wash your garments clean. Come seek Me while you still can, lay your burdens down before Me, cry out in sorrow, ask for forgiveness and I shall cleanse you. I will meet you wherever you are at.

I love you my children, do not tarry! I await your return! My peace surpasses all understanding. I desire to give you My peace.

Come to the arms of love,

Yahusha HaMasiach

He led me to read Isaiah 26, Ezekiel 12 and Revelation 16. You need to read these and replace Israel with America as you read it.

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