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February 11, 2023 8:42 PM
Debra Rua

I had this dream the night of Feb 8th 2023

In the dream I was with another person that I knew, but now I cannot remember who that person was. It was a horrible scene of suffering and destruction around us. I was unfamiliar as to where we were. Then I noticed that in between all of the cries around me of people who were hurt and scared, that I could not understand them because it was a foreign language. Just then a man ran up to me he was darker in complexion. He was injured and trying to communicate, but I could not understand what he was saying. Just then I heard in my spirit to lay down on the ground right where I was, and to be “Be Still.”

As I obeyed, I felt the most wonderful peace flood over me, followed by a visible source of light filling me. The person that was with me, and the foreign man both stood in amazement over me as this all occurred. When the infilling was done, I shared with the person who was with me( who I cannot remember their identity now) , that I was prepared beforehand for this…..that I had been shown in a dream from The Lord to expect and not fear this!!!!
Several moments passed and I noticed that now, as the foreign man was looking at me, that whenever he was speaking, it sounded as the English language in my ears!!!!

I got to my feet and the man was now pulling me by my arm to lead me to his family. I knew this because I could now understand him.

I opened my mouth to reply back in English what I needed to say, and it would miraculously come out in their foreign language.

He led me to his family, who were all in need of care and healing. I ministered to each one, as I praised The Lord GOD, and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

After some time had passed, we heard the cries around us turn to screams and a look of terror came over the mans eyes and face. Then he screamed, “They’re coming!”

I went to the door of his home, and stepped out just a few feet to the edge of the gravel road, and saw these large demonic “Men” wreaking havoc everywhere, as they made their way through the village.

I could see that if there was anyone in their path, all they had to do was raise their arm and that person would levitate a few feet off of the ground, and then be flung to the side in a violent manner.
The family pleaded with me to come back in, but I heard in my spirit to “STAND GROUND.” One of them saw me and continued towards me. He raised his arm to levitate me, but my feet remained planted on the ground. I proclaimed out with my voice that I belong to The Most High God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…The God of Israel. Then I said, I am redeemed and covered in The Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yeshua HaMashiach.

He became extremely angry and I thought that he would attempt a few more times, to do what I had seen him doing to others. But instead he let out a blood curdling growl, and went straight past me and the family I was ministering to. I could hear the people inside letting out praises to The Lord, and that was the end of the dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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