STADIUM DREAM & WARNING – ‘Event of Violence’ in Wisconsin – Please PRAY! – Averine Pennington

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‘Event of Violence’ in Wisconsin – Please PRAY!

September 27, 2023 2:09 PM
Averine Pennington


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, I come again today asking for you to earnestly pray with me about two prophetic dreams & a vision I had this morning, September 27th that I believe concerns a future event that may result in mass casualties. I tremble in the ‘fear of God’ to NOT put forth this warning after my dream last year (‘RAMPAGE,’ 6/26/22) which came true just days later at a parade in Illinois on July 4th. So it is with great trepidation that I type this warning, praying that I have correctly ‘connected all the dots’ revealed to me. I will not give every detail of the dreams & vision, but enough so that you may understand how to pray.

DREAM # 1 (rec’d a little after 2am)

I dreamed of a very large sports stadium. Forces of evil had plans for an apocalyptic event where thousands of people were trapped with no way of escape. In the dream, it seemed to be a time when for whatever reason people had been lured into the stadium for their own ‘peace & security,’ perhaps to protect them together in one place. It could have been a situation such as FEMA using the Super-Dome in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. One of the details of the dream was the fact that the facility had hundreds of bathrooms & the means to prepare food for a great number of people.

DREAM #2 (rec’d a little after 4am)

This second dream seemed to have no relation to the first dream. It was as if I was having a vision within the dream. I ‘SAW’ what appeared to be glow-in-the-dark ‘ALPHABET LETTERS,’ each about 6” in height scattered upon the floor in front of me. At first, I could not make any sense out of the letters as some seemed to be on top of each other partially obscuring the letters underneath. On closer inspection, the letters glowed brighter, and I knew it was a message from the Lord as it made a piece of a sentence. Here is what I SAW!

I knew I was not getting the entire message, and even in the dream I wanted to find my phone and take a picture of the LETTERS to see if I could make sense of the rest of it. But, the LETTERS instantly began to fade and were quickly gone.

End of Dreams

My Thoughts as 2nd dream ended:
Not knowing my destiny exactly, I have often thought I might die on the battlefield fighting for my Lord. I remember thinking before falling back asleep . . . “I Guess Wisconsin is as good a place as any! Just let me die fighting the good fight of faith.” However, just before waking a little before 7am, I had another vision that goes with this dream.


In this vision I saw many black FLASHING NUMBERS in front of a light background. These numbers started with lower digits and just kept escalating to higher ones. I knew in my spirit that the Lord was giving me a number of casualties, constantly counting upward, that would eventually be placed in front of the sentence that was revealed to me. What I saw were these numbers with quick flashes of other numbers in between: 12 . . . 14 . . . 60 . . . 74 . . . 75 . . . not sure how much higher count went!

MY RESEARCH (Attempting to Connect the Dots):
So, this morning, I began to research. There is no such place that is specifically named Fort, Wisconsin. I then decided to see if I might find a list of HISTORICAL FORTS located in Wisconsin. I printed out the list of over 30, but nothing was yet triggered in my spirit. How could I have any idea which of these FORTS the Lord might be talking about? Then I got the notion to see if any of the forts on the list were located near a STADIUM. It was a long-shot even assuming that the two dreams were at all related . . . lo, and behold I think I hit pay-dirt! I think you might agree that what I found is BEYOND COINCIDENCE! I didn’t find a stadium NEAR a FORT . . . I found a stadium that WAS A FORT!

CAMP RANDALL STADIUM, built in 1917, is the home for Wisconsin’s football team (Badgers) located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. You can look up its rich history for yourself, but during the days of the Civil War the land was donated to the government for a major military training center. More than 70,000 troops attended training drills at the Camp Randall complex. After the Civil War, the land was returned to the Wisconsin Agricultural Society, but was later purchased by the state legislature. The state later presented the site to the University as a memorial athletic field in 1893. Camp Randall Stadium has undergone many renovations since that time & now boasts a seating capacity of over 80,000. A tiny detail that stood out to me was the number of restrooms available (women – 463, men – 499) and the fact that it has many concession points, as well as a full dining room for UW team meals. It would certainly fit the profile for Dream #1.

We live in perilous times! Am I absolutely sure about all that I have just written? Absolutely not! However, I AM SURE that the Lord was trying to give warning of some ‘event of violence’ in Wisconsin. So, once again, I am asking that you pray with me against any evil forces that would perpetrate such violence, so that by God’s mercy any tragedy can be averted. If the plans of the enemy cannot be thwarted, please pray with me that the effects will be lessened. God hears the cries of His people and the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much (James 5:16b).

God bless you all!
Harvest Is Here,


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