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November 27, 2020 6:59 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Tsunami Dream, November 22 Early AM

The dream begins with me having several business meetings within a day selling something. I also did a group presentation to peers later in the day perhaps it is Toastmasters type business group (I was a member years ago, again, it wasn’t relevant).

After these positive experiences, I was returning home back to Central Florida. It was then that I realized I was conducting these meetings in St. Petersburg, FL area and needed to pass on one of three bridges which allow access to the Interstate that runs through Tampa, the most direct route to get me home.

What had been a pleasant day, suddenly became chaos as modest rainstorm immediately turned ominous. However, it wasn’t rain but the tsunami coming to the coast!

I was half way across one of the bridges and as the waves washed out the road, I saw people with their faces contorted with horror as their cars were flushed off the road and sunk into the bay. Panicked, I chose to turn around and get back to land, amazingly, I was able to get back into St. Petersburg and those who were working in the hotels and restaurants at the water’s edge were out trying to rescue people from the waves. I heard screaming and saw people running about, while a few seemed ready to provide aid. I asked one of the young men, who was on some kind of radio if there was access elsewhere on one of the other bridges? He got distracted by some of the others surrounding him asking questions. At some point, while I was waiting, the biggest wave I’ve ever seen, so huge, at least 50 stories high came across from the west (around 10 miles away and as it crashed directly on top of us, I saw two huge hotels that were maybe 40 stories high fall in total collapse with at least the top 30 stories completely gone! People were even more terrified.

As I viewed this, I realized that I was momentarily inside a plastic bubble and I could see the water on the outside.

I was worried about my dogs, who were for some reason traveling with me. It was advised that I anchor the dogs by ropes around my waist and theirs. This was cumbersome and before I was able to return to my car, another swell drown my one dog. I had to untie him and he was tossed a few feet away then sunk. The other two dogs remained attached to me.

I managed to return to my car and tried a different bridge but the waves were so high, it was obvious that there was no safety in attempting to drive over it. I returned back to this temporary station for more information and possible direction. I was advised not to attempt travel but I was stubborn and planned to go over land rather than travel over bridge (which would add at least an extra 80 or more minutes and no one knew what was happening along the land route).

Unfortunately, my radio alarm woke me before I completed this dream but the Lord has confirmed I have understood the points of the message and I need to share.


This message is for Tampa/St. Petersburg Area of FL but ALSO, all the Coastal Lands of the United States and surrounding areas.

When the tsunami’s hit land, it will be an ordinary day. I was doing my job, all was well and then suddenly destruction came.

There were no safe options of escape. The young man who had the radio was representational of Christ. He knew that there was no earthly options but to wait out the storm (trust in the Lord’s protection) but I refused to listen (I represent humanity). That plastic bubble was God’s supernatural protection from worldly affairs!

I was too concerned about returning home that the cares of this world (my dogs) were keeping me from making wise decisions so I decided to weigh myself down with the world’s matters (the dogs tied by ropes around my waist). This further made me unstable and even more challenged from focusing on a true solution (being directed by the Holy Spirit).

The fact that the Lord had me dream about Tampa was symbolic of me not being home (Heaven is our home, if we serve Christ). I had lived in Tampa and St. Petersburg, years ago, so I knew its unique geography though it is not my home. We may be familiar with the world but it isn’t our true home. In Christ, we will get home in God’s perfect timing. In the dream, I was humanity which was walking in earthly wisdom. An example of trying to get home but I was operating without God’s guidance.

True destruction is coming. As I was documenting my dream, the Lord gave me this word below.




Those in ST. PETERSBURG, TAMPA, and all Florida Coastal Cities – you worship the sun, the false light, the artificial light of this world but deny the light of the spirit, the true Light of the World, my sinless Son, Jesus Christ.

He is the eternal light and your wanton sexual sins and many forms of hedonism are going to utterly destroy you. You have rejected your responsibilities to your families and to your God, instead many of you have kicked back to enjoy the good life.

Spending your money on monoliths, your McMansions that attest to your worldly success, your recreational toys, your country clubs, you take trips across the world but won’t even visit the local food bank to spend an afternoon helping others.

You wager your money on Jai alai, dog races, horse races, car races, boat races and late at night you visit the darkest chambers of evil. Molesting the stolen and sold children to indulge your every pleasure. You run to evil and enforce laws, so that you don’t even need to hide your evil.

The greatest evil you have hidden in plain site. You lure my little one’s into your homes, into your pizza parlors, parks and even theme parks, promising them their every wish, while delivering acts that rob them of their innocence. I have seen it all.

You promise Hollywood but deliver destitution and poverty, a loss of all hope. Soon, those mocking words you deliver, “No one cares”, “No one hears”, “No one is coming for you” will haunt your eternity. You are wrong and I do love, I do listen and I AM COMING TO DELIVER THEM from YOU!

You believe you are clever but I AM More Clever. I promised your father, the fallen one, that I would repay. I bring justice. Oh, clever one, have you not heard, He who laughs last, laughs the hardest? I will be mocking your wisdom very soon.

Received November 27, 2020 at 5 PM


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