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April 18, 2022 2:32 AM
Brother Moses
Nothing will be impossible to you Mathew 17:20

April 18, 2022

Words from the Lord.

My son, I am a God that does the things that are impossible in the eyes of man. Nothing is too hard for Me to do. There is no situation I the Lord cannot change. There is no mountain that I the Lord cannot move. I am far more greater than the whole universe. I am Eternity and I holds the whole universe on the palm of My hand. I am a great and mighty God who does wonders that are beyound what Man in his highest capabilites can think of.

Nothing is impossible to any one who have faith in Me and My word. The prayers of many of My children are not answered because they pray out of unbelief. Many have no faith that I the Lord will answer their prayers. Great damage has being done in My household by My enemy because of the unbelief of many of My children.

The least of My children with faith as small as a mustered seed is capable of moving mountains in My name. My children who have strong faith in My word can heal the sick, raise the dead, deliever those that are possessed by devils and set captives free. All these great work and more greater works are not only for a selected few. I dont have those set apart for special task in My kingdom.

Everyone who believes in Me can do mighty works even greater than the ones I did while on earth. Healing the sick, raising the dead,seting captives free and doing great signs and wonders in My name is for all My children. I said in My word that any one who have faith in Me will do the works that I do and greater than I did. These means that even a little child who have faith in Me can perform greater works. I the Lord is no respecter of persons. I use those who are humble and with childlike faith to show forth My glory on earth.

Build your faith through the study of My word, fastings and praying in the Spirit. My children a great harvest of souls is coming and shortly after that I will come and gather those who are faithfully walking with Me to My eternal glory. I will only use those who have built strong faith in Me through diligent study of My word, fastings and by praying always in the spirit in the final harvest. As you spend quality time in My presense unbelief will be rooted out of your life. Your faith gets stronger in My presense. Many are being tormented by sickness.

Many are under demonic bondage and oppressions. Many are falling headlong into hell every day. Many have being taken captives by My enemy, just because many of My warrior bride have being laying down on the bed of UNBELIEF! I will use only those that have built strong faith in Me and in My word to do great things in these final harvest. They shall not be afriad of the enemy nor be hurt by the fiery darts of My enemy as they advance to the enemy camp with the shield of faith and being clothed with My whole armour they will set many captives free from the powers of darkness.

Many souls will be brought to My kingdom by My endtime warriors. They will lift up the banner of righteousness in the land and stop the mouth of lions. Arise My warrior bride and build strong faith in Me in the intimate room for that is where you are is being trained for SPIRITUAL WARFARE!


Coordinating Scriptures

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Brother Moses.


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