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Spiritual Portals – Hannah


Spiritual Portals

October 4, 2020 7:59 AM

Beloved brethren,

Please be patient with this reading since English is my second language. I had this experience some sixteen years ago. My late husband was a Pastor, both homeschooled our children, two boys and a girl.

My husband decided to buy an electronic game called Age of Empires in order to help our second boy with the Social Studies class. He himself set up the game in the computer, and my boy began to construct a medieval civilization while my husband explained to him medieval history. As they were working in that game something strange happened. One night after we prayed before going to bed someone knocked loudly on the front door. I went and opened the door. There were two hooded men with long black robes. I didn’t see their faces. I felt a creepy cold. They said: “We are coming for…” and mentioned my husband and son’s name. Invoking the blood of Jesus, I slammed the door and ran to my bedroom to call my husband. We prayed the following days trying to get an answer.

A few days later I had a dream. I was taken to a high place and from there I observed a medieval age community. There were many people with typical clothing. They were constructing something that looked as a community. It was very similar to the one my boy built. There were many stone and wooden houses. Some were finished and others were in the process. I saw something that resembled a temple. It was finished. I saw an altar made of stones and other things that I didn’t understand. Something strange caught my attention, some people were dragging two persons to the altar. They were desperate to finish the work, but it seemed that something was missing. I don’t know why I perceived that it was a priest. In a way, the person that was showing me the scene, made a zoom to the two persons, and I realized they were my husband and my boy. I understood that it was something like a sacrificial ritual. I woke up very scared and confused. And exactly, when I checked the game the only thing that my boy needed to finish his game was a priest.
When I told my husband the next day, he burned the game and we repented and asked for forgiveness.

Brothers and Sisters, I let you this experience because some time later I had some visions and dreams where the Holy Spirit showed me that these interactive games open doors to the spiritual world. There are evil entities behind those portals waiting for someone to open them. This is one of the reasons we are having so many spiritual struggles in these last days.

In the love of Jesus,


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