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Spirit of Death to Overrun Your Land – Solitary Man

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Spirit of Death to Overrun Your Land

January 15, 2023 5:27 PM
Solitary Man

How has the beautiful land [Canada] fallen! Once noted for its natural beauty, its wide open spaces, its abundance of all good things, now a garment of shame covers it. Once a land of peace and evangelism, now you are known as the murder capital of the world. You have turned into a nation that worships death, so death will be your lot until I return. You did not have the courage or conviction to sacrifice your precious lives and time to resist the spirit of abortion in your land. I gave you time to repent and respond, but so few cared enough to cry out to heaven, much less open their voice.

So I have allowed the spirit of death to overrun your land. Young and old, rich and poor, man and woman, and all in between, now are in danger of having their lives cut short at any time. As you are realising, events are now in motion that cannot be undone. You must now learn to accept your fate as it is written.

Yet to my remnant, I shall still speak to you. I will comfort you, and give you courage and direction if you will now truly change and seek me with all your heart. Be sensitive to every little adjustment that I seem to speak to you.
Often the command will be – don’t watch this, go there and not here, pray this way, speak to this one and not to that one, buy this and sell that. Train yourself to obey the simple commands, it may save your life at a later time. By now you realise the world has changed, and there is no going back. There is nothing left in Babylon for my people to work with. Now you must truly learn to fear not, and learn to
find your courage in me. Lift up your head and look up, for your king is coming for you soon.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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