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Spies in USA Armed forces, Government and beyond – Mike M

Spies in USA Armed forces, Government and beyond

Jan 28, 2020
Mike M

Message at bottom given 12/23/2019

Infiltrators and oppressors

On December 23, 2019 the Lord gave me a very harsh word. A strong and pointed word against those he pointed out in positions of power within our government as impostors. I had come back from interaction once again where the clerk had been mistreating me for months with sneers and jabs and condescension; insults and barbs; denials and mis-truths. I could not avoid this place. I had to do business there. And I did not look forward to it the longer time went on. I began to pray about it directly.

There was one wonderful friend I made there and looked forward to seeing her. But this other lady just wanted to eavesdrop and find out my business. A Spy. Just like Jezebel and her flying monkeys. And she did not like the fellowship we were having and would attack the nice Woman. Then the manager was not much better and joined in on the attack of the nice Woman Clerk.

Maybe it all started with the manager? I used to have conflict with him as well when he was just a clerk. He was also nasty and just evil. He was a good actor. Some people grow up tricking others to get their way. It can be cultural. He was one such as this. I think he attracted nasty people since he took over management and one by one nicer people left or had the look of being ‘converted’ to a nasty attitude. Except for my one friend. And I prayed for her-prayed for them all-until God gave me this word. I still pray, but now I am taking action, too. I’ve always had trouble in that place. It’s like it’s not going into an American office, but a foreign one.

When I told the nasty clerk about the prophecy that Chuck Youngbrandt and others have given that Mexico will team with China and let China into their country so as to be able to attack us at our border, she became overjoyed for Mexico!! She was beaming with excitement at the prospect of this. It was obvious which team she was really on. I was in total shock. Months went on before I found out she was in the military as well! This individual Woman problem clerk is in our armed forces reserves and in charge of Personnel no less with access to all the soldier’s personal information?! This is not right. Plus she has a government job in a government facility with more access-to mail! And needless to say, when I did find out, I was dumbfounded her overt nature about this. She came here from Mexico as a child and was now even a citizen, but in name only. Yet she sided with Mexico?!! I told her this prophecy way back in the early summer of 2019. I studied her for months and realized this Woman in OUR armed forces is no American at all-even though she is quick to show her ‘golden ticket’ of citizenship for being in our armed forces. Nope. She mentioned it with a cunning grin of trickery, as if to say, “you can’t say anything to me-I’m a citizen”. Well, that’s just the point, lady. Even more so that I would speak up-it is her responsibility to work for the US’s interests, not sell us out to another country-her true home country. How arrogant. How bizarre. She even pretended she did not know anything about the 12 Marines that were busted at Camp Pendleton for smuggling foreigners over our borders. That one made national news, local news, etc…. Surely, being in Personnel she would have caught wind of this!!
She’s running a ruse, the holy spirit showed me. A tactic, a scheme, a ploy, a strategy. This Woman is a treasonous traitor and should be pointed out, reported, ousted and tried for this. To him who has an ear, let him hear-and act!

I have an obligation to shed light on this, and I have. She’s the fox guarding the hen house. This Woman is layered and evil.

So, over the course of months she did everything she could passive-aggressively to demean, belittle, and denigrate me. And she always pried into my military service and other intel-gathering questions dipped in her smooth as honey speech. No respect. Because she is not really working for our Country, but her own interests. I tried to avoid her waiting on me all that time but fell into her honey trap for awhile there in order to get intel on her. She almost had me convinced she was nice and then her true colors came through. She is running a good hustle, but not good enough for the discerning who will take their time to observe and report and pray. And when God gave me this word, I have to say it’s out of my comfort zone to be on the front lines like this, but someone has to do it. She wanted info but would not give her own as to what unit she is in. Because she’s guilty! What a Narcissist! She has a very unique first name so identification will not be a problem. She knows the gig is up. I found her out. This is obvious. Openly as well I told her so. I pronounced judgment against her. The holy spirit rose in me and I prophesied to her that she is a fraud. She has been warned. Repent or be judged. She was not there the next time I went in but my friendly clerk was there and beaming with joy.

Proverbs 29:2 New King James Version
When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan. I have been groaning the entire 4 years I have been going in this place.

She’s a subversive, a fraud, a traitor, a plant, a fake. She needs exposed. I did just that. And will continue to take further steps for her to be investigated based on this.

She came here as a child from Mexico. Apparently, she has her loyalties confused and should be sad that Mexico will let China in one day to decimate the USA-the country that gave her so much. Her allegiance should be to America but it’s not. A soldier’s duty is different than an average citizen. They take an oath to protect the US,not undermine it.

Matthew 22:21 Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”

Romans 13:1 “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities”.

Matthew 8:9 The centurion heard of Jesus and sent some elders of the Jews to him, asking him to come and heal his servant. … But say the word, and my servant will be healed. For I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and that one, ‘Come,’ and he comes.

In the same way Jesus was telling his heavenly forces to go and heal this man’s servant. Jesus could count on them. Just as this solider could. So exposing treason is of the utmost importance because authority and rank and file are God’s idea! All earthly authority has been established by God.

Read the book of Romans.
Now do you think this Woman will truly act in our favor when push comes to shove? For all I know she might kill those next to her at the time when they need her the most. Very creepy. This is a woman without a conscience just as the manager is. I am beginning to think they are both subversives. More common in Southern California that you would imagine.

I was in the military as well. My service was cut after a year at a time when it would have been easy for me to stay and do the one weekend a month. This hateful Woman mocked me for this yet does not even know the reason. I did all the hard stuff but then had to get out anyway. I hit a wall, so to speak. I had not choice that I could see. This was a big disappointment for me-for years. In fact, it ruined a large portion of my life and plans. (but it was not wasted!) I was honorably discharged and the circumstance was unavoidable. But I am more loyal than this fraud of a soldier ever will be with her 12 treasonous years in our military handing over God only knows to enemies!

That day, December 23, I had it with her. She knew she had it coming also. I had a long talk with the Lord about her. And it was not pretty. I was pretty upset. And I told her off. A serious rebuke. Better to say to the face than engrave it on the knife that goes into the back. And Jesus surprised me with this word! I wanted to wait and make sure this was not influenced from my spirit. I’ve concluded the Lord cares about what I care about.

2 Kings 20:5 “Go back and tell Hezekiah, the ruler of my people, ‘This is what the LORD, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; … (and this woman was crushing me with oppression and abuse!).

He perfects that which concerns me. Psalm 138:8. He will raise up a standard against the enemy-as we see in this word.

Isaiah 59:19 King James Version (KJV)
19 So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

And this word is him protecting whom he will protect. He’s the perfect judge. Save the ruling and reigning for when he passes the baton. For now, we are very dependent on the Lord and know in part and prophecy in part.
I Cor. 13:9

King James Bible Psalms 91:14
Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

He has a perfect will. We don’t just willy nilly let saboteurs run a muck in our ranks. When it’s within our power to point it out, we do! This is the authority described in the book of Romans. God set it up. To keep order in a fallen society. I am a veteran and I have an obligation to do so. Even if it were that I was just an American, I would have this same obligation in my heart.

New Living Translation Romans 13:1
Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

And I do not regret my actions because I took an oath of allegiance to our nation. The Naturalization Act of 1906 added the section of the oath requiring new citizens to defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and bear true faith and allegiance to the same. Without sovereignty we would cease to be a nation.

Oath of Enlistment

PDF link

I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

If the reader of this post is rejoicing in America’s judgment, you are doing it wrong. We are still in the age of grace and God is willing for there to be an end time harvest. He will give us victories and favor in order to carry this out-with persecution. We will have these good things happen, but there will be persecution, as I experienced with this Woman harassing me every time I went into the building to get service.

This is what he is setting up now.

New Living Translation Acts 2:47
all the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved.
Wishing our immediate demise as a nation is not very wise in light of this. Yes, we know these things are written in scripture and many prophecies have preceded with all of the warnings to repent or else. And eventually, I am sure America will succumb to many if not all of these judgments, for it is written. But as these signs increase, we should increase in bringing in the lost in the midst of the judgments because-God is love. The fields are ripe for harvest, but the laborers are few.

New Living Translation Matthew 9:37
He said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.

New International Version John 3:17
For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

But we must keep in mind that just as Nineveh, certain judgments can be averted through repentance. I see repentance. You have to look for it. I see it in my personal circle, my family, even the news casters saying Godly things and bearing fruit. I see it in my own life when I get off track! Repentance is there for the taking! God is still willing to bring us closer unto him! And I see it all over! I see people turning back to God. I meet very Godly people every day out in public. People are aware . They are afraid for the things that are coming upon the earth and they are turning to the Lord. I am not saying ALL people are turning or that it is overwhelming, but I see it. And that means that if there is some now, there can be more still. Especially when God gives a prophetic rhema word on it that matches his holy word!

This is the perfect time for us to be out there intercepting the precious ones before they get caught up as new little lambs in the bureaucracy of the apostate churches out there. Not that all are. It depends on where you are looking. They are not always in the pretty places, but in the places you really don’t want to go, but yet there they are the treasures in darkness the Lord would lead us to and bring to salvation. Because he came for the sick, not the well. And he likes to use people like us. Not that he has to, but it’s for our edification as well to be used of God. This is our training ground. Are we there yet? No. But we are on our way and passing more tests all the time that will equip us for every good work in Christ Jesus.

Mark 2:17 New Living Translation
When Jesus heard this, he told them, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.” Heaven is for sinners————–saved by grace!!!

Luke 19:10 New Living Translation
For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

Yes, he will draw all men unto him, but as you recall he and the disciples went OUT-they did not stay home online their entire life. As we are out, he will draw them unto us. That does not mean we don’t have work to do in bringing them in, or literally that we have to wait for them to physically approach us. That’s ridiculous and petty. The Holy Spirit will guide us. We will end up being in the same place at the same time, and God will bring them in. He does his part-we do ours. He won’t do our part and we can’t do his part. It’s teamwork. We are boots on the ground.

We all want all of this to be over, but we have much to walk through to get there. Those who pray will be able to discern God’s voice in this time. Those that do not pray, will not.

We hear all this talk about how we are judged already, etc….yet my bible says we are still in the age of grace.

Below is what God gave to me that 23rd of December, 2019 when I came back from that errand in utter shock at it all.

Given 12-23-19

Those who mock my servants will be judged. I am coming swiftly to do this. I will preserve my spokespeople until their appointed time when I call them home. These arrogant Americans worship their jobs and money, yet ridicule the less fortunate, the weak, the poor, the infirmed. For who could or would oppress the sick and injured? These impostors allowed into our defense forces-whose jobs it is to subvert, sabotage, spy, and betray. This is the arrogant lot who call themselves Americans but seek only to fleece her, pillage and destroy her! Those who are not Americans at all-but traitors, plants. To you the Lord God writes that the same legalistic judgment you seek to entrap my people in, will instead trap you!! I will silence every voice that raises up against my people in opposition. For I am the Lord!!! I will now expose these false converts to America’s original values,-whose only value, in fact, is to destroy it in hopes of their home country of origin entering in and overcoming her. They smile at you, collecting information. But watch-really watch who they are. Let yourself be honest to discern through the niceties that what you are looking at is, in fact, what you discern it to be: fakes. These snakes have had much experience in this. They have infiltrated your military, your government, putting down roots to confuse you and exposing all intel to the other side in plain view of all. Yet no one sees those who work against them? You fear offending them as they sell your country down the river!? Rise up! They parade as your Government servants but are not servants at all, but destroyers of lives and dreams who are drunk with power and the privilege of abusing their minority status. They are your planted oppressors to deny you in their haughty pride in authority. Like fools, they rush in with their machismo and obvious devious plans. Will you root out these frauds? will you get your hands dirty and report, expose, and investigate? Can you be as brave administratively as you are on the battlefield? As if the Lord cannot SEE!! As if the servants of mine who are street smart cannot perceive what is going on!? Your mocking and belittling the poor whom I hold close to my heart will be your undoing. I am coming swiftly now. I will take Authority over the ill-gotten leaders and workers. I will give them the same they have given the least of these. I will send them back to the countries they seem to love so much. I will purge the harm doers, the evil, wicked infiltrators. I, the Lord, have MY eye on YOU!! I have heard the cry of my servants, who in humility are serving me in the faith that their help comes from the Lord. And I will not disappoint. I will protect my servants in this hour. They will escape your grasp. Your illicit arms, bearing hands that rush into sin will be no match for my arm which is not too short. And my hands are superior. I fire YOU!! You game players. You evil, heartless, white-washed tombs who celebrate your cultural depravities while denying due justice!! I will trip YOU up! I will have MY “a ha!” moment!! How is it that you mistreat and oppress the poor with snickers and glares!? How is it that you claim to judge justly, and fairly, when you care not to understand this land or it’s people!? Like trash I will bundle your lip service! Shallow cisterns!! I will send you back to the land of your devotion. You cannot out-smart the Lord! Your games and strategies are no match for me! I have heard the bowed down cries of my humble ones who YOU are so quick to delight in trouncing upon while in their misfortunes! I have heard the prayers of the upright soldiers and government workers who watch and understand that these they should expect to be a buddy will instead be a stumbling block and a stone around their necks in their time of need. I clean your institutions now. I have heard your cries. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, repent and pray, I will hear them and deliver them. For just as Sodom, I have heard Lot’s cry within you. My Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. I will honor and protect institutions that are in order- places upon my shoulders. Before you poison the water and lead the captives astray, I give this Country a fair fight. Because I have declared it so that there shall be reprieve. For I have seen the repentance. I honor those who honor me. I saved for a time and times because of this cry. So, I am just and fair to give time. God gave the same opportunity to your government. I raise up a standard when the enemy comes in like a flood. For my purposes. I declare this. The traps you have set I now reverse. Consider it not strange when the lord God declares a thing. Repent and in honesty consider your ways and plans. Because I am fair. My patience is long but we are reaching the end in this matter. I come quickly. Prophecy this!! A judgement will be swift and the perpetrators without recourse or recompense, if they do not TRULY repent of these evils of spying and prostituting the offices they hold.

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