Speak to the multitudes – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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Speak to the multitudes

November 25, 2023 4:35 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

11/25/2023 3:02 PM

As I was praying and thinking about some recent sad happenings in my personal life, I said to the LORD:

“I would love for You to speak to me.”

He immediately answered,

“Then listen.”

I got out a pen and notebook and He said,

“Beloved, write. Oh, how I love you, My Beloved! How I treasure you! (At this point I prayed and asked for grace to hear only His words to be sure to hear this word correctly). And My words only you will hear. Hear and speak.

Speak to the multitudes. The multitudes of earth. For multitudes, multitudes, are STILL in the Valley of Decision–stuck not deciding. Stuck not choosing for Me. A choice not for Me is a choice against Me. I have told you these things. Three groups are My greatest concern at this hour. Three groups of Christians who call themselves as such by My Name.

The first group is the most lost. They name themselves after Me and confess Me as their Lord or King, yet they live apart from Me, contrary to My Word and My ways. They live as if they do not know Me. In fact, they do not know Me. Sin and pleasure rules them. Deceit and propaganda are their daily food, not My Holy Word. These will be judged and punished harshly, for that is what they need if they are to truly come to Me. Pray for them.

The second group is also in great danger. These are they who have known Me, mostly in the past, but have walked away to follow a god in their own making. These also name My Name and even participate in clubs and activities tied to My people and My church. They often regularly attend church and other groups that have the appearance of being alive spiritually, but these Believers are in consternation because they live a “Christian ” life on their OWN terms. They pray, but not according to My will or SPIRIT. Their prayers are molded around their thoughts and desires. Their “holiness” is a figment of their imagination. It is not rooted in My words or standards, but again according to their own ideas and ideals. They often check off boxes to justify themselves. ‘I do this and this and this each day (or each week), therefore I am Holy’, they say to themselves. Yet, these do not receive life-giving correction or rebuke from Myself or My servants to whom I send them. My have ears, but they do not hear My SPIRIT. Their deception is great because they do not think they are deceived. Woe to them unless they repent and turn to Me in truth. My truth is truth. Pray that these learn that.

The third group is the group of Believers who are faithful to name Me as their LORD and SAVIOR, even if they do so rarely and only in certain company and in certain situations. These listen somewhat to My Word and are willing to somewhat respond to the voice of My correction through My Word and through My servants, but they often have a hard time hearing My voice for themselves. This group of My children is encumbered by the cares of this world far more than they are concerned for Me and My eternal Kingdom. These are not lost but they are in danger. Who told you that you will be here in 5 years? Then why are you also worried about your 5-7 year plans? Who told you that I, your Sovereign LORD and KING am more interested in the size of your biceps than in the work you do for My Kingdom? Who convinced you that the latest of fashions and accessories was worthy of more of your attention than making sure you are suited up in the full armor that only I can provide? Who convinced you that earth’s temporary, passing things are worthy of so much of your thoughts, time, and precious energy? If you had just put those thoughts, time, and energy into finding My will for your life, My direction for how you should rear your children, love your spouse, and speak to your neighbor; you would have been one of My mighty warriors on the front lines of battle. I grieve at this… But as it is, you are hardly participating as even a spectator. Your gaze is too diverted to the flesh and what this materialistic world has to offer. Stop this foolishness and learn wisdom! Cry out for the fear of the LORD so that you can be wise! Embrace true knowledge. Knowledge of Me is understanding! Be earnest and repent. I have allowed more testing to be given in your life before My judgements will come upon you in earnest to correct and reprove you in order that you will be saved. You cannot serve Me and mammon.

Daughter, do not be afraid. Write:

Whitney, you are the Beloved of My soul. I AM in love with you from the foundation of the world I have known you. And now you know Me. I understand that those who were supposed to love you and care for you here largely failed you and broke your heart and spirit at times. All is well. I AM with you. I AM always with you. It’s all but over. No longer grains left. The last grain is falling– is fallen. Come now into your destiny. I await you in the door. I AM the door. I AM your Dalid. (I was confused at this because I thought He should have said Dalet, which is Hebrew for door. But He clearly said Dalid. I looked it up and Dalid means “root”). I AM He. Your Bridegroom. Your SAVIOR. Your ONE and ONLY. Your PRINCE of PEACE and your REWARD. My Love. My Dove. My perfect innocent one–perfected in My sight and by My blood sacrifice. Rise with Me. Rise to Me. I AM holding your hand. You are most precious to Me. I speak not only to you. I AM speaking to all My Bride. All My doves! All My loves! It is our time now~”

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