Sound the Shofar – Janice Sharp

Janice Sharp

Sound the Shofar
SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

Here we are at the brink of time no more. Those that have sanctified themselves through My Blood will be called at the Last Trump. The time is upon you now as the veil will be torn by those who have broken all the commandments of My Father. So much destruction comes upon the inhabitants of the earth that if time was not shortened, none would be left alive. Now is the time to worship and call upon My Holy Name.

3-2-1 blast off (Jesus smiles)

I will take My bride to the place I have prepared for her and we will sup together.

Tell them I Am coming for those who have given Me their hearts and laid down their lives for Me. Died to their flesh and desires. So many will not be ready and will go through the time of testing.

Hu Yavo


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