Sound the Alarm! – Benjamin Faircloth

Sound the Alarm! – Benjamin Faircloth

May 6, 2018

“America, your Watchmen are asleep! They have been sold out by the love of gold and wealth. Popularity has become their poison, and fame has blinded their eyes!

They are dogs that cannot bark, shepherds who refuse to lead! What will you do with the blind who lead the blind? I say unto you, you will fall into the pit and you will lose your way!

Who can I trust in this desperate hour? Who will sound the alarm in My Holy Mountain? Who is there among you, oh blind and dumb Watchmen, who will stand and be healed of your infirmity?

War is on the horizon but few believe My Report! Armies upon armies are preparing for the battle, yet My People sleep in Zion!

Your departure is NOT NEAR as many think, but your CALL TO ARMS IS CLEAR! Stand up My Church, and be wise as serpents, who know when trouble is near, be harmless as the dove, who is swift to move and fearless in flight.

My warnings are being echoed throughout the earth, My alarm is sounding to those who can hear. War on the saints is near!” (War always affects the Church and the Jews, history is proof, and the future will be no different!)

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 23)


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