Sound Frequency brought down Twin Towers on 9/11|Baby Grey Alien – Anonymous 17 years old

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Sound Frequency brought down Twin Towers on 9/11|Baby Grey Alien

 October 7, 2020 1:28 Pm
Anonymous 17 years old
Puerto Rico

Dream: October 7th, 2020

Before anything, I believe that God has given me a revelation of the events that actually happened on the day of 9/11. I know and I have read some conspiracy theories and ideas some years ago concerning this event and I understand that many, including myself before, didn’t know for certain what really took place that day. I believe that God gave me this dream to expose the real motives and plans that America’s government had for that specific day. He also showed me, in the third part of the whole dream, a plan of something that is yet to come.

My dream has three parts, but I’ve divided them into two. The first two deal with the details of 9/11, and the last one is about a plan of the government and scientists to grow a creature in a laboratory, either an “alien” (demon) being or a human being with some modified DNA.

Part I: The dream starts in a scientific laboratory. It was dark and the lights were a bit dim. I looked at a square table from the top, as if I was in the ceiling looking straight down into a table below. There were two or three men with lab coats around the table; they didn’t seem to know I was there. One of them laid a white paper blueprint which covered the whole table. The blueprint contained what seemed to be radar imagery, diagrams of antennas, radio frequency formulas, wavelength charts, and a lot of scientific research. For some reason, I knew that in the dream I was somewhere in the 1990’s, presumably in the year 1996. As he laid the blueprint on the table, I heard him explaining with detail what the experiment was about. This is basically what I hear him saying: “For many years, we have conducted numerous experiments to find out which sound frequency can be used to bring down entire structures. This will be used to bring down buildings and houses.” As he said this, I saw visions of tanks in various remote places around the globe, such as deep in the Amazon Rainforest or in deserts. These tanks were equipped with antennas that fired signals and frequencies at huge slabs of concrete, resembling structures, and obliterated them completely. I was aware of all these experiments the people were doing.

Then, I was removed from the lab, and stood in the air just above the Twin Towers, on the day of the 9/11 attacks. At that moment I felt in the spirit that God wanted to show me what really happened that day. As I stood in front of one of the towers, I was able to see through a wide glass window what was inside the tower. I saw inside the top floor of the first tower. It was covered in glass walls all around, and I saw that the entire top story was a big food court. There were seats and tables everywhere and the place was full of people. Not one seat was empty. As these people ate and talked, minding their own business, I saw that something invisible was pushing the building from the top from a side angle. As the building started to collapse from the top, almost in slow motion, I saw the invisible thing going into the food court. I heard the people get a bit anxious and alarmed, but some of them were telling them to calm down, that this was going to pass, and that we will be alright. As the buildings collapsed little by little, I was shown the divisions and components of which those towers were made of. The Towers were made only with concrete and there were absolutely no metal rods to support the concrete blocks. These Twin Towers were only composed of glass windows and huge cement slabs perfectly stacked on top of one another, side by side, and I realized that these structures were built to fall on purpose. I wanted to warn them of the fragility of the building they were in, but it was too late. The first tower went down completely, and as I turned to see the other tower, then, a plane hit it. I could see through the walls as it was being hit. The crash caused fire and multiple explosions, and it soon collapsed as well.

Part II: In this part of the dream, I returned to the same laboratory, with the same people. At that moment, I knew that the events that I had seen, had already happened. I knew that in the dream, I was in some year after 2001. I saw another blueprint being placed on the same table. This time, I saw a sonogram image from a woman’s womb. I saw the image of a fetus of a baby. The strange thing was that the baby didn’t look human at all. Its body was long (not fat as babies usually are), its arms, legs, and torso were longer and thinner that normal. His head looked like that of a so-called”grey alien”. Also, the “baby” actually didn’t look that young as it should be. It was a fetus, with the umbilical cord, but it wasn’t young, nor human. It was a lab raised creature. I heard a woman scientist talk about what they will do with this “baby”. At first they thought of using him as an abortion experiment. But then, they decided to let him grow and mature, because they will use him for something in the future, when he’s an adult. I saw the woman scientist take a pencil and started writing in a line on the blueprint the name that they were going to use for the creature “baby”. It’s name was either Jeremy or Jeffrey, (all I know is that it started with the letter “J”, and it had two or more syllables). They also added a last name with the letter “R” or the letter “M”, one of the two.

The dream ended and I woke up.

I started praying about this dream and I will continue praying so the Holy Spirit guides me and answers my doubts about it.

After the dream, I came to the conclusion that the first part has already been accomplished and that the second part is yet to happen.

Thank you guys for making this website and may the LORD bless you!

Greetings from Puerto Rico,



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