Soon I will remove the restrainer. EVIL will flourish – Barbara Francis

Barbara Francis

December 22, 2018

Children, I know you are patiently waiting for my return. Everything is prepared for you. I LOVE YOU. There are planned events that must take place before my SHOUT. I AM The GOD of order. You have seen and lived through the earth changes. I have kept you safely under my wing. Soon I will remove the restrainer. EVIL will flourish. I have given you understanding and wisdom to continue in theses last days and to discern the TRUTH. I call you now to spread my TRUTH. Be a witness to THE GOOD NEWS… Everyone is welcome in my Fathers house What I require is a REPENTANT HEART. . Yes, you will be laughed at and mocked but your reward will be great!. ETERNITY WITH ME!

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  1. Evil will flourish ?
    Looks like it has been doing that for too long already!

    • Kathleen

      Get ready for evil to increase exponentially. It’ll get very bad.

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