Soon Appearing of The Antichrist – Patti Huson

Patti Huson

8:18 PM, Mar 16 2019

The Mark of the marxist, who shall come as a prince to bring calm in the chaos, and in the Storms. I come that you may have peace he shall say, I come that you may have hope and change he shall say, I have come to bring closeness and unity as one he shall say, I come that you you shall no longer be divided by the I AM he shall say, but what God would divide you if you are his people he will say. Oh Jacob, oh Israel, the prince of darkness shall soon come at an hour you thinketh not to devise his plans, his plans to conquer and slay all those that are of me, He comes as a thief to kill and destroy, his MARK shall not only kill the flesh but will destroy the soul. Whose marking do you have, whose mark will you choose, mine or his? For I shall say unto all mankind, beware of the serpent who thinks he is wise, he comes as he did in my garden of truth to bring his lie to any ear that will listen. He approaches silently, and calmly, as he delivers his venom. He strikes to render you helpless and then your dependence will be upon him, His feeding of your flesh to ease your pangs and hunger will only bring you death, eternal damnation away from me, your Father who sent my beloved son for
your redemption and freedom. Again in an hour you thinketh not, the serpent comes to deliver his mark, He will strike with a vengeance as humanities souls are his prey. I have delivered my warnings, my dreams and my words, and the hour now approaches where l say unto you, beware of man and his mark, forthe beast is not weary nor will he tarry in his kingdom soon to dwell upon the earth. Again l would say unto you, were not all of these things written, were not all of these things foretold?

Please consider helping Patti Huson

Her family. They have been struggling for sometime privately but things have gotten to the point that they need help and are publicly asking for help.

I have known Patti for some time and she is not one to ever ask for help and does not want to share her struggles publicly so for her to ask for help in this way means that they are not in a good place.

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