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Sons of freedom: The patriots of the endtimes – Olasubomi Williams

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Sons of freedom: The patriots of the endtimes

NOVEMBER 27, 2023 4:16 AM
Olasubomi Williams

Daniel 8:2-4, 5-27

Hear the many words of Yah

My son, I would like to speak to you concerning the sons of freedom. The men and women who would oppose and rebel against the beast system. They are a mighty men. Men of renowned. They are those who will resist and fight the beast system and maybe thwart some of his plans for a short season before they are eventually destroyed. They are valiant warriors who come from all races and ethnicities not only in America. Yes my son, there will be sons of freedom everywhere in the world who will rise up and arm themselves against the beast system, but you have to remember, the iron kingdom is not of this world but of Lucifer hashatan himself. He hates all of mankind with a fiery furnace. So he will crush any and all oppositions who decide to stand in his way. This kingdom is falling. The kingdom of man is at an end. There will be no more of the rule of man in this world. I gave man the opportunity to rule this planet, but he has misused every opportunity given to him. So now I Yahusha will step in and take back the kingdom I have given to him.
These ones fight valiantly, but to no avail. When the beast system reaches its full power, they will crush every and all oppositions and many of these sons of freedom will fall. It is a valiant effort to avenge the blood of the martyrs, but not by human means. Leave it to me, vengeance is mine says the lord.
These ones fight for their country, their nation, their individuality and freewill. They do not and will not serve the beast. They will rather die than to serve Satan himself. But I ask, do they know me? Do they trust in me? Am I truly the lord of their life or are they still wallowing in sin? What is truly important, your freedom or me? Is your freedom so important to you that you are risking to lose life and limb for it?
My son, the weapons of the endtimes are so diabolical and wicked, your minds cannot comprehend the evil it will cause. The wickedness of the endtimes will be enhanced to a degree never seen before and unless those days are shortened, no flesh would be saved. Increase in technology will also lead to increase in wickedness. The more knowledge and innovation accumulates on the earth, the darker the hearts of man will be. The hearts of men in the endtimes will grow cold. Men will not see themselves as men but as flesh, as animals like how the devil sees men. It would even be worse for those who take the mark of the beast for they will be totally desensitized to all kinds of evil imaginable. The roots of the beast system will be filled with the blood of the martyrs and these ones.
The patriots and pariahs of freedom will rise all over the world. Make no mistake my son, America is not the only nation that will have these people. They will be all around the world performing some marvelous feats before they fully go into hiding as many of them will perish or they perish and die either with the martyrs or with their fellow comrades in battle. Tell these ones to seek me now and repent of their sins before they go into the next life without an inheritance to my Kingdom. Justice will prevail over the earth however not by human hands. Human hands are too stained with blood for any justice to take place. Only I am the just and perfect one. I come for my own. Tell these ones to repent and seek me. Your king Yahusha ha masheach.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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