Dec 9, 2019 3:19 PM

God is always warning His children.
This weekend I was inundated with seeing the numbers 911. Numbers are one of the ways the Lord speaks to me.
All my life I have seen the numbers 333 and 666. When I see these numbers on car license plates (which is how they come to me), the representation of what these numbers symbolize usually manifests within days. I will experience either positive, anointed encounters (333) or conflict and strife (666) sometime later that week. I strive to remember to pray whenever I see the 666 because I have an aversion to conflict and I know prayer can alter or diminish the outcome.
The past couple months I have predominantly seen the numbers 111. This weekend however the numbers shifted to 911 number sightings interspersed with the 111. I cannot say for certain what is coming, but it’s very possible there will be some kind of emergency event soon that is a judgment from God.
Numbers received 12.6.19 through 12.9.19.


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  1. John Lepley

    God uses many ways that he’s shown me a tour of the many ways he is always speaking. I think he is doing this with everyone. But they are too focused on something else to pick up on it. And we simply do not have the clarity for him to speak clearly to us all of the time. He has spoken in a seemingly audible voice on several occasions. One of them screaming in wrath. This is very similar to what I see too. 11’s all over the place and these satanic people have a big surprise coming for them. They’ve tried to kill me 19 times since 2017.. I knew this was coming then. As their attacks began. This gave me the faith to face what is coming and have a chance to stand against it. Thank you LORD for saving me with your threshing for I knew him not. He choose me for a purpose but that purpose has yet to be revealed. There is great dangers ye know not of that I have faced and by the strength of GOD’s will and mercy he has protected me very well considering. Thank you Jesus.

  2. trumpet of the Lord

    The numbers in my car stood ALL on nr 1 on 12/4

    I mean ALL on the same time
    111 1

    (It happened before with another car then it was 188888 vs 0666. Christ is THE Victor!)

    We then going to someone who has lot of connection (to me) with Israel
    Today starts her 42nd year…

    YAH bless you

  3. CharlesH

    Tomorrow is the 11th.

  4. JP

    I also have been seeing 11:11, 9:11, and 33. A few days ago I had a dream where my husband was chasing me and I was afraid. I had a phone in my hand and went and stood next to my oldest son (who is just a child) and dialed 9-1- and then was waiting to dial the last number 1 to make sure I absolutely had to do so.

    I think the dream might have been about persecution coming (from those close to us) and calling on the name of Yah who will deliver us (psalm 91). But also having to do with Revelation 9:11 (have had a dream having to do with that before as well). Not sure but just weird that 911 was even in my dream in an emergency situation where I remember feeling afraid.

  5. Sonny

    I keep seeing on my watch number 13 everytime i check time on my watch the number 13 is there

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