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Some Even Began to Idolize and Worship that Brazen Snake (Donald Trump) and Looked to Him More than Me – Holy Spirit Wind
The brass serpent (Nehushtan) constructed by Moses and set on a pole so that "if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass he lived" (Numbers 21:9). Painting by William Blake.

Some Even Began to Idolize and Worship that Brazen Snake (Donald Trump) and Looked to Him More than Me

January 24, 2021 12:16 PM
Jeff Byerly

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Received 1-23 and 1-24-21

I see confusion among My people right now especially among My people that live in America. The reason this is happening is because you have listened to false prophets, preachers and teachers and you have not listened to My Holy Spirit. I am not the God of confusion but of order and peace. You have turned your eyes upon a man and taken them off of Me. You say that God has given us Trump and that is true but am I not also the God that takes away when He sees fit? Oh, My children in America, how you have fallen since Trump has been your king! You have never truly repented! Oh, you said that I would bless your country because of him but just the opposite has happened. Look back now and consider how far you have fallen in the last 4 years!

Are your eyes too blind to see and are your ears too deaf to hear? If so you have fallen for the Satanic deception that came with Donald Trump. Did he not quote the poem that says, “You knew I was a snake when you took me in?” It is the truth! Just look at his fruit, do not make excuses for him, really look! I liken him to the brass serpent that Moses raised up on a pole on which to look and be healed. (see Numbers 21) For the children of Israel became impatient and spoke against Me so I sent serpents to bite them.  These are the same serpents that lie in wait on the side of the road to bite the horse’s heals and make the rider fall off backward. (See Genesis 49:7) Children, I gave you your chance to be healed but you did not repent or look to My Son Yeshua to be healed from the venomous bite of sin. (see John 3:14-15) But some even began to idolize and to worship that brazen snake and looked to him more than Me. I could find no one righteous as Hezekiah among your leaders though because America has given herself to wickedness and abominations of every kind. So I had those even more evil than Trump tear him down. (See 2 Kings 18) I have said pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. Was there ever any more prideful than he? America is mystery Babylon and Babylon the great and Sodom and Gomorrah and Egypt. Her fall will come in one hour by fire and the whole earth will see the smoke of her burning and they will marvel and be astonished. Many will repent and return to Me when they see it with their very own eyes.

I gave many of My true prophets, watchmen and messengers warnings about this over and over and over but most of you did not want to hear. You wanted to hear how great America will be again and how she would prosper ever more but that will never be. It has all been a lie! I am the only one who could ever make America great again but she has rejected Me. Babylon, I would that you would turn to Me and be healed and saved but you would not! Your hearts were tested these last 4 years and most of you have failed the test. Now comes the fire of tribulation. It will purify your hearts and remove all of the impurities so that I can see Myself in you like silver and gold refined in the fire 7 times. All that cannot be purified will be consumed by the fire. It will not be easy but if you surrender all to Me, I will cleanse you and I will strengthen you by My Spirit. You must repent of your wicked ways! This is what I require. You must seek Me with all of your heart and look to Me and not a man. To help you do this I have given your country over to even more evil than there was before, to more evil than has ever been. Do not misunderstand, this is because of My mercy! I wish that none would perish not even one! Most in this country are on the path that leads to perdition and I want that to change. So I bring tribulation, persecution, famine, pestilence, calamity and destruction. Will you not repent and cry out to Me when you see these things?

Do not think that the one that was falsely elected is the one who is in charge. No, do not believe it for one second! Joe Biden is king in name only he is not one of the kings listed in Revelation 17:10-11. The evil one who I’ve told you about many times, Barack Hussein Obama is the sixth and eighth king. He has never left but has been there behind the scenes this entire time. He remains hidden for just a little while longer but he is now in full control. He is the puppet master because his father Satan empowers him. He controlled Donald Trump to a certain degree but he tells Joe Biden every move to make and he obeys. Soon Satan will resurrect and perfectly possess him and he will look like the savior that the world has waited for. The people will demand his return and his rise will be complete. He will return to rule America and then the world.

Yes, the American Naval carriers will burn and most will sink and the fiery kickoff event will still occur though not as most of you expected. They will use these events to cause world war, civil war and anarchy across the land of America. America’s economy will completely crumble and the dollar will be worth nothing, then the beast system shall come into place. No one shall buy or sell without the mark. It is now very close but not yet. Obama will behead millions upon millions for not taking his mark during the fifth seal. All of the things that I have told you will happen and are not canceled but you did not understand how they would come to pass. Now you have more understanding.

Now what will you do with this understanding? Will you continue to seek after the man that I have allowed to fall? I have told you Donald Trump is the main Fall Guy. He is an integral part of the wicked plans of the evil ones that rule this world. There are those that say that Trump shall return to his former authority, he will not but they will still use him in their Satanic script. I allow the deception to continue to go forth because I am continuing to test men’s hearts. Do not allow yourself any longer to be deceived. Ask yourself this, if I allowed Trump to return would you seek Me more or less? I know the answer because I know all, but do you know what your answer truly is?

Be honest and seek Me with all of your heart and you will find Me. Are you tired of eating the garbage that the enemy gives you from his table? Arise and return to your Father! I will take you back and clean you and put My best robe upon your back and put a ring of gold on your finger and sandals on your feet and kill the fattened calf to eat in celebration! I will rejoice because My sons and daughters have returned! (See Luke 15:11-32)

I love you all with an everlasting love but you must return to Me now!

Today is the day of salvation, I never promised you tomorrow.

I AM your Father and I continue to wait, for I am long suffering but I am not forever suffering.

Time is short!

Soon time will be no more!

Please watch this interview of Obama by Steven Colbert
starting at the 6 min mark

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