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Some clarifications for last post

March 22, 2022 12:47 AM

First, please understand I am a Chinese, sisters and brothers in my group are Chinese Christians.

In Chinese culture, Chinese women were educated by a rule which was called “Three obedience and Four virtues”, which means she should obey her dad before marriage, and obey her husband after marriage, then should obey her son after her husband dies.

Even now, most Chinese wives still don’t get used to say No to their husbands when they should, especially those live in countryside.

Also especially on sex relationship with their husbands, when their husbands want sex, even they don’t feel well, or even in their Physiological period, they are still afraid to say No. If they say No, they would be beaten and still be raped by their husbands.

Those sisters in my group who asked if they still can have sex relationship with their vaccinated husbands , some of their husbands are believers, but some are still unbelievers (sisters accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour after marriage).

Below are something what those sisters told me :

1.From their deep inside, they don’t want to have any sex relationship with their husbands any more after they knew their husbands have taken the vaccines.

2.Some of sisters are afraid of saying No to their husbands when their husbands want sex. After that, they feel their bodies are so dirty, and their bodies felt not well at all, such as body hurts bad, leukorrhea abnormalities, menstrual abnormalities,etc.

Then after these sisters repent and ask for forgiveness, and plead Jesus’ blood on them, their bodies’situation can be back to normal.

3.Some sisters have prayed about this question, the answer they have received always is this: cannot have sex with their vaccinated husbands.

But some say: if I resist him, he will beat me, and force me to have sex with him, I am just a woman, I don’t have that strength to against him, so what am I going to do?

Based on too many sisters have this kind of question, so I took this to the Lord in prayer, and the last post is what I heard.

Dear brothers and sisters, as always, please take everything to the Lord in prayer.

Love you all and God richly bless you all


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