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Somber Days for Some

My daughter, write My words. Somber days will come upon your once great nation. The stench of your nation’s sin has long reached My nostrils. I do not allow catastrophic events in haste, as many after My own heart resides within your shores. There is a time coming, My loves, where the only place to put your reliance will be upon Me. These events will surely pull everyone’s eyes off of this world and place them back upon their Creator, for I will make myself known to many. if there is no way of survival, I will make ways. If there is no food or water, I will supply these things supernaturally. The enemy is an imitator. He imitates Me in all that he does. He pursues men’s hearts just as I do. But he uses great deception in doing so. Much of My creation have fallen into his great snare. They live from pleasure to pleasure, and grind away for their riches in between. Their only prayers are that nothing bad befalls them. They live with zero thanksgiving, and zero faith. They take no time to commune with their Creator and are solely worried about what their friends and their neighbors think of their status. They have no heart towards the suffering around them, and they bury their heads in the sand when it comes to seeking anything to do with a Savior and a plan of Salvation. Quite simply they are asleep. They are ignorant to the time in which they exist and expect to live out their days in their “as is” state. Sleeping, numb, and distracted. These, the wayward of My creation, I love. I love them too much to allow them to remain hypnotized by the enemy. Though their earthly journey may end in fear and pain, their heavenly eternity will be offered to them as a choice. The enemy has been allowed to blind and eclipse My majesty for many generations. It is now time for Me to reveal My majesty once again, that My creation will see and believe their very Creator. It gives Me no pleasure to see My creation suffer, but each heart that needs to call upon Me will be presented with it’s share. I come to those who are awake to share with you this warning but also encourage you with My truth, for those that know Me will remain safely tucked under My wing no matter what they are facing. These that are in relationship with Me now will be the one’s to be bring hope and My truth forth when the smoke begins to clear. Most of those that suffer tremendously in the coming events will long for even a glimmer of hope to be gleaned. The suffering will be hard to watch for My own, but they will understand that for My salvation and My eternal rest to find it’s way into the hearts of many lost, it is the only way for their eyes to be opened. I have prepared My army of noble warriors for a time such as this. These will be My voice within the chaos. Full of charity and love towards the lost that are in search of Me. Many hearts will receive Me, as I use the enemy’s own plan against him to open the eyes of My creation. Be still now, My soldiers. Await your marching orders. Let not one occurrence bring fear upon you. Prepare to go forth in My power and light, for the harvest will be made ripe by Me. The body of Christ is a unit made up of many parts. I will call upon various parts of My body to carry out their duties at their specific times. Be patient and await My calling upon your heart fearless and in great and unwavering faith that is freely given to those that receive it. There’s nothing that will be asked of you that will not be supplicated to carry out. My glory will shine upon and through you, and you will be untouchable. The evil upon your earth will flee from you, and the hearts that belong to Me will be drawn to you like a magnet. My miracles will abound, and the hearts of men will once again be softened and willing to open to their very Creator. The blinders will be removed from the eyes of many, and they will see My truth. The truth of My salvation. The truth of My glory, and the truth of My Majesty. I love you, My loves. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

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