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Sold Out – Steve Holmes

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Sold Out

February 23, 2023 7:12 PM
Steve Holmes

Feb 22, 2023 A word from Jesus upon the return of Biden from the Eastern Europe war planning conference that was just held in Warsaw.

I hear the Lord saying, “Sold out. Your nation has now been sold out to the war and death loving NATO alliance and spiritual forces of great evil. Your nation as an independent, free republic no longer exists. Those in control have accepted the bribes at your expense: slavery to their world system and death for resisting it. It is now too late to change course. The days of woe are coming and your enemies are in derision, laughing hysterically and toasting one another in celebration of how easily and quickly the mighty USA has fallen, completely deceived by the bait presented through the tiny, overtly evil, reprobate nazi government of Ukraine. The corruption of your own government has led the whole nation of America astray into constant evil choices that offend me and ultimately lead to complete destruction. Why should I protect America? I destroyed the former world (Genesis 7) and Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19) for less. Alas, and woe to America, the real harlot of nations (revelation 17). Your doom is now sealed among the nations that will rise up to destroy you (Revelation18). I warned and warned with my love and broken heart for you, but you would not hear. As you have perceived, the present wave of revival is to prepare hearts and souls for eternity in my presence that would otherwise be lost due to the persecution and attacks of your spiritual enemies who have gained a foothold in your nation, and through those who have demanded and taught equality without accountability to the point of outright lawless rebellion against all that is sane, profitable, sanctified and holy, such that your nation thinks nothing of slaughtering 70 million innocent babies who were a gift of life and hope for future generations from me. It was I alone who gave them life as I do for all living creatures. That is clear in my eternal word.”

“Seek me while I may be found for the day is coming as my word states that there will be silence in heaven, and mankind throughout the earth will suddenly find out just how inept and incapable they are of anything without me and my presence. But before that time will be the judgments I have warned of in Revelation 6, including millions of my saints ruthlessly slaughtered for choosing to walk in holiness before me which infuriates the evil one and provokes him even now. Be on guard- my alarm has sounded for you to be hidden in me and to be holy before me without regard to the violence the enemy now seeks to bring upon you as my revival pours forth from me to those whom I have called by my spirit. Pray that I might strengthen and mature these new babes and feed them with strong meat of my word that they may resist the devil, put away sin and become fully submitted unto me for the sake of their eternal souls. My word is the ultimate survival instructions for all- if they will seek me in it for strength, protection, righteousness and for my battle sword which is embedded within it. Be of strong faith and courage in me. Your redemption draws near if you are found worthy to escape at the conclusion of my judgments which have now begun.”

“Great changes are coming in your world- shameful changes that will bring about my wrath in my time of choosing. Be wary of those who would come beside you with promises of help towards good fortune. Those promises are lies and distractions meant for evil and harm and not for good. Give care to my little ones- the abandoned and the orphans for their plight is very difficult and they have much turmoil within that must be addressed with consistent love and compassion as they learn of me- that I am a faithful, just and loving God who has sent you to watch over their tender and damaged souls. Be responsible for accomplishing what I have given you to accomplish. The need is far greater than you know and understand at the present time, but I say to you that every morsel of food you produce will be more valuable to the starving than it’s weight in gold. Be diligent, be worthy of what I have called you to. The harvest is indeed great, and so are the tares, cares and distractions of life that so easily beset you with excessive and unnecessary difficulties. Remember always that you are mine; that you answer to me and that I direct your steps for my purposes. Ignore the voices around you that I have not raised up to help you, as well as the accuser who comes kill, steal and destroy. I am doing an eternal work, and I protect my own whom I have called to be my sons and servants. You are indeed protected- even by legions of my faithful servant messengers who fight against your enemy and mine.”

“Above all, be a good steward of what I provide you with. The day is coming when allowing wastefullness will bring catastrophic consequences. Be resourceful and ask me for specific instructions when you need them for I am always faithful to provide you with all that you need to be faithful unto me in return.”

“Be of good cheer- I have overcome the world, and so will my sons and daughters that give themselves wholly unto me and to accomplishing my will. I love you with an eternal, everlasting love.”

“Your Jesus who walks among the churches with both love and a scourge. I shall no longer tolerate being mocked by those of my own household.”

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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