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Sojourn on Earth Has Ended / When you Die

July 9, 2023 6:54 PM


Nothing is as important as what you do and the direction you take while on Earth. Your choices, decisions and directions you take in life all lead to your final destination upon your death.

Your decisions of right over wrong, good over bad, soul over flesh are all components of choices that make you who you are. Each choice molds you and becomes your character and persona you are.
Not all make the correct choices while on this sojourn, but they are able to repent for their actions and change directions. With prayer fasting, reading of my word, repentance and staying away from sin, they correct their direction, and get on the narrow road, which brings them to salvation.

Life is a learning ground. Those who learn what is right over wrong will progress, the others will lose their eternal soul. It is not too late to change, right now, no matter what you have done. All my children have sinned, but it is what they do in the end which is most important for their eternal soul.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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