January 14, 2019


My Children, many feel as this scribe: parched and thirsting for My Presence, all while losing faith. Things must change, My Loves. For you to grow, you must weather these storms. To come out on top you must go through these preparations. You may feel as though nothing is occurring, but I promise you, things are occurring in My spiritual realm and within your hearts. I see many having difficulties even seeking Me now, a darkness so thick that it can almost be sliced with a knife. Are you placing My Armor on, My Loves? Allow Me to be your courage to carry on through this darkness, for if you give up, you will remain here. Do not give up, My Loves. I remain the same from the beginning to the end.

It is the thief that attempts to convince you otherwise; he steals your joy, he steals your enthusiasm, and he saps your energy in the effect to keep you from finishing My race. It is not I that have changed, My Loves, it is you. Which of his lies are you choosing to believe? Oh, My Children, do not believe his lies.

I am the I AM, and I AM here. I have not changed. When you need courage, seek Me, for with My courage alone, you will carry on. All that you face in this journey serves a purpose, but how much more do you face because you fail to remain faithful? Does more faith leave you each passing day?

Some place their focus on this earthly realm, and you exist in its darkness apart from My light. Many of you search for My comfort in this darkness, yet there you will not find Me. You remain searching in your flesh for something that can only be found in the spiritual. You are allowing the darkness of this world to steal your joy. You are succumbing to this darkness, and therefore increasing the intensity and the distance of your journey.

Have you forgotten My Promises? Where is your faith, My Children? I have repeated this to this scribe and so many others, time and time again. My time is not your time.

What will be counted for you when you sleep on My path?

What is a warrior with no armor to protect him?

What will come of one who stumbles in the darkness, even though there is a lit candle within his reach?

My Children, some of what you face is allowed but most of what you go through is self-imposed. This is a result of your doubt. These trials are due to unbelief. Faith is light and unbelief is darkness. Did time remove your faith? Does it not say in My Word, a day is like a thousand yeas, and a thousand years is like a day? I am not slow in keeping My Promises, My Children, and I have never broken even one.

So what now? Will you remain naked in the darkness or will you place My Armor on and come in from the dark? Will you receive My promises full of faith or will you allow the enemy to capitalize on your doubt?

My light cuts through any darkness, My Loves. Allow yourselves to stumble no more. My hand is extended for you to grab on to, and My light penetrates the darkness but only if you open your eyes to see it.

I love you, My Children. I AM here.

Yeshua Ha’mashiach

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