So great is my love for you – J


So great is my love for you

January 30, 2021 8:05 PM

So great is my love for you
Who can fathom the height.
Who can fathom the depth.
Love on earth has limits. Limitations.
Mine has none.
People place conditions. Parameters.
None can measure me. None can hold me. My power is pure. Fury. Glory. Love. Holy, holy, holy. No flaw.
I see you as holy. Covered by my shed blood.

So bold I come.
A roaring lion, I come.
A gentle lamb, I come.
All you need, I am.
Look no further.
What you need is of me.
I am your strength.
I am your song.
So sing!
Where does your help come from?
Will you stop what you’re doing, and sing a song of love for me? From your own heart. As a deer pants for the water. Tell me my beloved, about your soul. Is it well, with your soul? Tell me. None other cares, as I care. I care about every moment of your every day. I am there. I know what you’re going through. I AM THERE. I DO NOT LEAVE.

Rest here with me. Let me strengthen you.
You’re busy. You’re weary. Let me in.
I am close on your best day. I am close on your worst day.

I formed you! I know you!
That which raised me is in you!
I sing over you!
Wait until you hear the words that I sing over you!
You don’t see what I see.
You are my masterpiece.
Wait for my promise. It comes.

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