Snares of the Enemy – Paula McHenry

Snares of the Enemy

Sunday August 18, 2019 2:12 am
Paula McHenry

I fell asleep and had a dream and when I woke up, I immediately recorded what I had seen. I saw the devil placing snares and traps all over the Earth. And they were specifically placed there for Christians, to trap them. They looked like shackles, that when stepped on were spring loaded. And they immediately wrapped around a Christian’s foot and clicked shut, when stepped on. The snares had names written on them:
Some snares said: ALCOHOL. And some snares said: FORNICATION (sex outside of marriage) and some said: STEALING and LYING and ADULTERY (cheating on spouse) and l saw some snares that read GOSSIPING (witchcraft) and SLANDER and FALSE RELIGION and GREED and PHARMATAKIA (drugs, pills, needles or smoking weed) and even JEALOUSY….

And suddenly I heard a train coming in the distance. I looked up and I saw a big train puffing smoke and it pulled into the train station and stopped. I looked and saw JESUS was the Conductor. He got down from the train and shouted:
“ALL ABOARD” and a few Christians got on board immediately. But, many COULD NOT get on board because of the shackles and snares and then l saw The Lord wave me over and so l ran right to Him and He said: “Go tell My People that it’s almost Midnight and the train leaves soon…. Tell everyone to wake up and throw the shackles and snares of sin off of their ankles and feet. Fast and pray and kick them off and run to Me and get on board My Glory Train. We will soon see MIRACLES SIGNS and WONDERS and then we are heading to Heaven. I will patiently wait just a little longer. But, tell them to hurry, time is running out.”
So I said, “Yes Lord! I’ll tell them.”
And I hurriedly went to tell everyone what The Master JESUS had told me and then suddenly, I woke up…..

I sat straight up in bed and heard the train whistle in the distance. I immediately grabbed my pen and recorded this dream……
I opened my Bible and it went to *Hebrews 12:1* which reads:
“Therefore since we are surrounded by so great of a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside and kick off every sin, which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, v.2) looking unto JESUS….”

He will forgive you of any and all sins. Just ask Him to forgive you and He will.
Ask Him to take the chains, and snares, and shackles off and He will…..
Hurry and tell everyone to get on board!!!

Just remember this:
#1) This is your LAST WARNING before the train leaves….. Time is short! and

#2) BE CAREFUL!!! Once you get out of a snare, don’t step into it again….
There are MANY snares everywhere!!!

All My Love, ❤️

And Apostolic Prophetess “Mama Paula”
xoxo 💜✝️💍

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