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February 25, 2022 4:10 AM
Sammy Omosh

On 2/20/22 after i finished writing the message on the Coming Financial crisis/collapse,i had a short vision at night.

I saw and heard a Newscaster on Tv say “ARE THE MARKETS HEADED FOR A COLLAPSE?” Probably He was reading Business News.This is no coincidence,i woke up immediately and found out it is 2.20am.

On 2/2/22 i was woken up at 2am[*] to pray when later that night i had a vision of NO MONEY IN THE ATM,S.

***On 2/22/22 i woke up at 6.07am from a scene in which i saw INTERNET BLACKOUT!I was shown computers that resembled a TV screen,nobody could use them.Workers sat idle!Soon you will not even access this particular site,and you need to print/write important messages you may need to refer to in future NOW.You will not browse on your phone/computer/laptop.There will be little/no work in offices and industries.

Financial transactions are driven by Telecommunication technology worldwide,and this will impact money transactions for individuals and Governments.Our government uses a system called Intergrated Financial management information systems{IFMIS} to conduct Financial Transactions and to make and implement Budget and budgetary allocations.There will be provision to use petty cash during this event,but a large sum may be paid in installments.

Acts17:9 And when they had taken money as SECURITY from Jason and the rest,they let them go.
*Money will soon be worthless and will not offer a sense of security or satisfaction.Collateral eg land/property will cease to be offered as SECURITY before you secure Bank loan etc.

On 5th November2021 in a short dream,i saw people gathered inside a church{hunger ravaged folks} then PROVISION of bread arrived from without and they SCRAMBLED for it.Have you ever watched a World cup rugby match involving the following Nations:

Australia,Argentina,Newzealand,Fiji,Scotland,South Africa,Usa, England,Kenya and France.That is the picture i can paint to what i saw inside that building!


1]Kenya-How will the IEBC tally and transmit Election results when the Servers from within and without are not linked to the internet?RAO definately will reject the use of manual system prone to Fraud,manipulation and malpractices. Campaigns have heated up and there are those supporting a particular candidate propped by Govt machinery and Deep state,but things are “still Elephant”.It,s not direct as it seems to the naked eye!There are factors at play to come that will embolden this statement.

I heard in a dream in AUG2020-THERE WILL BE NO ELECTIONS IN KENYA. Iam yet to hear or see something contrary.Upto now i know this fact,it will be Ruto,then Tinga!All of this without Elections.The logic is Ruto will step in to Act,then Tinga will retreat to the drawing board of political chess and pull the last card up his sleeve[with a determined back up}that will be tatamount to a COUP.

Governments worldwide will crumble[alot of forces/judgments at play!}.Be wise and don,t follow these political events without insight from the Lord.When these events happen,you shall recall i warned consistently for 2 years!Remember in 2013 and 2017 i saw vividly the incumbent ascending to power and retaining his seat respectively,contrary to popular opinion of the public and opinion polls![not factoring what u know regarding the sham elections].

2]America-You shall not have your mid term Elections in NOV 2022.If you are a reader of this site you know why by now.

3]Israel-Netanyahu,s{Bibi,s} comeback is very likely,what with the unstable{fragile} governments that don,t last full terms.He knows how dangerous Iran is,with the Nuclear power games and HE is best suited to deter Iran and “finish the dirty job” so to speak than his successor.After the peace deal is signed he is earmarked to help and be involved in constructing a new temple in Jerusalem.

WORD:The Son Of Man will supernaturally take care of the needs of every living saint during the TUMULTOUS Financial moment coming to the Earth.He gave me a snap vision early morning today the 25th of Feb 2022 and showed me a kitchen garden with all kinds of foodstuff. He desires all of us to strive and have this garden,however small it is.
Dan10:5 I lifted up my eyes and looked,and behold a man clothed in linen,with a belt of fine gold{preci ous than money} from uphaz around his waist.6His body was like Beryl,his face like appearance of lightning,His eyes like flaming torches,His arms and legs like the gleam of burnished bronze and the sound of his words like the sound of a multitude.
Can such a man fail to deliver us?Trust and hope in HIM when we shall soon face a Financial quack mire that will send shockwaves globally rummaging ALL economies in the world!
Dan7;13And Behold with the clouds of Heaven,there came one like A SON OF MAN and came to THE ANCIENT OF DAYS.14And to HIM was given Dominion,Glory, and a Kingdom that all Peoples,Nations and Languages should SERVE HIM.His dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away and His Kingdom shall not be destroyed{Think about the Millenial Reign of a 1000 years and The Recreated New EARTH and New HEAVEN-Will be our Portion!AMEN.

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