Snake bitten! – Benjamin Faircloth

Snake bitten! – Benjamin Faircloth

November 25, 2018

“America you have been snake bitten, paralyzed by the venomous bites of deception, you refuse to embrace reality! The poison has affected more than your head, your heart is blackened by its power! Where is your remedy? Where is your rescue? You have none, for you have denied the power of My Son, you have rejected the help of My Hand! Therefore, you will wither and convulse in your pain! You choose this path and you will embrace the cost of disobedience. You are snake bitten and your cure alludes you! You are snake bitten and you are delusional and your eyes are growing dimmer! What will you do America when the poison of pride runs its course and destruction is left behind in its path? I tell you this day, you will return to the dust like the nations before who rejected Me! TRUTH is your antidote, but you have long rejected its healing power. The season of ignoring Me and My prophets is over!

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 5)

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