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Smile from GOD

Sep 29, 2019, 11:48 AM
Dexter Yanes

I had a experience in OCT/2003 with the Trinity of the lord. Let me start out of how it happened.

I had just started a shift at my small town factory were I made juice products. Nothing was different that day walking into the facility seeing all the employees and everyone down trodden faces were they knew its just another log day. As I would head to my department there was a fellow coworker he would always have this great big smile just grinning from ear to ear. well I would say hello and go on into my shop to prepare for the day.

As the day went on I noticed that his smile never went away. He would just go on working and smiling like he was having a day at Disneyland. So I decided to approach him and have a little chat time to see how he was doing. He said he was having a good day. well ok then I thought but that smile just had me thinking its not that great, what am I missing here. So I decided to ask him a question about his smile I asked what are you so happy about? He replied that he has a relationship with the lord Jesus and he makes him smile. Well ok I was thinking. Then he asked me if I would like to have a relationship with Jesus and smile also. Well he asked if he could pray for me so well lets go in the shop were we can hear each other, so we headed in to the shop. He then proceed to start a prayer and he asked the lord to give me a smile on my face. Its was short but a good little prayer. we shook hands and went about our business.

Two days had passed and I was at the house getting ready for the Halloween season for my children putting up decorations and having a good time with my wife and children. So as the evening went by all was normal and we all went to sleep when it was bed time. I was sleeping for a while then I was woken up to my wife and children calling me. So I had jumped up and went down the hall into the living room area and that’s when I seen my wife and kids looking out the window looking at something. At this time I noticed it was now daylight and it must have been around noon. I was thinking I must have slept along time. So I started looking to see what they were looking at also, what I seen was off in the distance across the property was that my property was the only thing lit everything beyond it was pitch black. and as we all looked out the window we noticed that the darkness was getting closer. So I spoke to my family and asked for them to go into my sons room and that I will handle this. At this time really unsure what I was going to do but I couldn’t show no fear to my kids or they would all panic. So when they were safely in my sons room. I thought I am going to say a prayer I know in time of great despair or need A prayer always helped. So I rose right hand to the heavens and started praying and held my left hand out towards the window. I asked the Lord Jesus to give the ability to pray and knowledge to get rid of this darkness that is approaching on us. At that very moment I started to pray without control my body was over taken and then I started speaking in a language I never heard before. I looked up in the living room and above me was a tear or hole in space inside my living room just 6 feet away from my head I could see into space like the universe like a hole in space. it was very beautiful. I then I focused my attention again out towards the window in the direction my left hand was pointing and this prayers or commands were coming from me out my mouth. And at that time I noticed that the darkness was leaving in a very fast rate of speed and a very short time the darkness was completely gone. I then stopped praying and found myself standing there feeling pretty proud of my self of what I had just accomplished with prayer so I yelled out to my wife to tell her what had just transpired in the living room. I heard her respond but she wasn’t in my sons room now she was at the end of the hall down in my daughters room. So I walked quickly down there to tell her the great news of what just happened. as I approach the room she is standing close to the door way inside the room. I walk up to her and telling her about what God just did through me but she just stood there looking through me and focused on the other side of the room she didn’t make any movement at all. I didn’t understand so I turn around to see what is happening behind me and that’s when I notice the room on that other side was pure white like clouds and bright lights but not hurting your eyes. At that very moment I started to have a felling of great love and Happiness. it was radiating thru me like a waves at the ocean hitting you if you stood in the water and almost knocking me down. Oh it felt so good it was like I was in love for the first time but times that by 100. My heart felt like love was the only thing I could feel. I at this time started walking towards the brighter of the clouds in my daughters room. I am seeing from floor to ceiling pure white clouds.. as I made two steps toward the cloud wall of light on my left side of my peripheral vision I could see a figure standing in a light fog a few feet from me in the room. I was still taking all this great love feeling it never stops then all of a sudden I hear a voice from my left side the figure is speaking in my ear “three of one and one am I” wow that’s when I stated going towards the pure white clouds felling very happy. All of a sudden BOOM just like that I open my eyes and I am being revived from my wife with chest compressions. she was crying and I was smiling!! I caught my breath for three to four seconds and I just sprung up and ran into my daughters room trying to catch that cloud but it was gone. I ran down the hall into the living room jumping and smiling so much that love and happiness was still in me so strong I couldn’t sit still. There were tears in my eyes because of the joy I was feeling when all this was happing wow I had to try and calm down but I had to explain to my wife what I had just seen and felt. She thought maybe I had received brain damage and she thought I was going crazy running around in the house. I had explained also to her that I had recently had prayed for this exact experience. I kind of felt bad she brought me back, because if that’s just the outside of heaven I wonder what it would be like if I was inside heaven. Wow what a feeling. I had never had a issue with my health my whole life. So I went back to work that next day feeling so happy I had a smile on my face that day and the next day and the day after that. It was stuck my smile was broken it literally was stuck in that happy position for over 60 days or more. I couldn’t stop thinking about how that love and joy felt so good that it radiated in my body the whole month maybe a little more. I spoke to the coworker who had prayed for me to have this experience and he was so happy to have heard such a joyful thing had happened. I just wanted to thank him for sharing his time and prayer of joy with me. One thing I can say be careful for what you pray for God delivers what he promises. Thank You Jesus for giving me such a great time with the Holy Spirit and sharing your love with me. Also one last note when I heard the voice “three of one and one am I” God is wonderful he made it so I would understand him any way you hear it….”I am one and one of three” that’s in reverse!!

Have a blessed Day

Dexter Yanes
Casa Grande

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  1. Dexter- Thank you so very much for posting this most awesome testimony!! This was the perfect answer I needed for someone special who I’m witnessing to. I was just speaking to a homeless lady yesterday who is hurt & wounded from life & circumstances, & plagued by unbelief. I was trying to witness to her about the Lord, but she kept interrupting & desperately asking- “Why doesn’t He just come down here & talk directly to me?” I was trying to tell her “He does” but her pain & demons interrupted the moment. Your testimony put a Big Smile on my face, for this sounds exactly like what we need here! Let’s pass this smile around till it covers the whole earth! God bless you, Brother! rick

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