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SLIP-SLIDING AWAY – Averine Pennington

Look Magazine July 1, 1952


July 31, 2020 8:13 PM
Averine Pennington

Dream by Averine Pennington, Received 7-31-20

Early this morning I received a disturbing dream. It is my first earthquake dream, except it was something not quite an earthquake . . . similar, but different!

My husband and I had just bought some rural property with a gravel driveway. We had not lived in the home very long and were still in the process of remodeling and redoing the landscaping. Part of what we had accomplished outdoors was fixing the driveway. We had recently purchased several loads of new gravel and caliche and it had been freshly spread to cover a small crack in the driveway. It was looking great.

We were inside the house and my husband was busy assembling a high-chair (for a small child to use for eating). He was getting frustrated trying to get all the screws and such sorted and in the right place. I was trying to be of some help to him but my focus was elsewhere.

I had started to feel a very slight shaking under my feet and heard a soft rumble. I happened to look out the large window facing toward the driveway and I could see the freshly spread gravel on the driveway was starting to ‘dance.’ (Don’t know how else to describe it.) The chunks of gravel were jumping up and down. At first it was slight, but then it began to pummel. The sound was like a hail storm. The white chalky lime from the caliche was stirred up and being thrown into the air. It looked like a chalky sand-storm. The small crack that had been patched in the driveway started to open into a huge crevice. Then a huge rip in the earth started to come from the opposite direction, heading toward the crevice in the driveway. When the two cracks met it was as if all hell broke loose. The earth started to pitch and sway. Some of it sunk down and some of it rose up. Huge slabs of earth, I’m talking twenty or so feet high started moving like it was ‘walking’ or slip-sliding across the lower level of the ground. It’s very hard to describe . . . its movement was perhaps like what you would expect of the movement of a glacier slowly melting and sliding across the ground. But this was very quick movement as if it was ripping and could not be stopped. It was as if the upper crust of the earth had become displaced from the lower level of the earth. The upper crust had jutted up and was slip-sliding away, headed toward a huge body of water. I thought at first it might be the ocean, but I think it was a huge lake. You could not see the other side, only water as far as the eye could see. Anyway, the body of water was really big, something like the Great Lakes?????

Keep in mind that I am viewing this from a huge window in my house. We can hear the roar of the huge slabs of earth’s crust as it moves, but we seem to be safe inside our home. I see in the distance a man fishing on the side of the body of water. He had earbuds in his ears as if he may have been listening to music and seemed oblivious to what was happening a short distance behind him. I could not believe that he could not hear the deafening, screeching roar of the ‘quake’ movement. I ran to the door and opened it, screaming and waving my hands, trying to get his attention. He could not hear my frantic screams of warning!

I also saw whatever was on top of the ‘crust’ at the time the slabs pulled away, were thrust high into the air atop the slabs. People were running from their homes, screaming, trying to escape but there was no where to go. If they tried to jump, they would fall into the deep cracks of the earth. Houses, cars, people, cattle, horses, farm equipment . . . everything . . . was plunged into the huge body of water. Great waves erupted as the slabs entered the water.

I turned back to my husband and he was still working of the high-chair as if nothing was going on outside. He was mumbling in frustration because the house was shaking and he was having a difficult time getting the screws to fit inside the appropriate holes. Seriously!!! When I told him to look outside, he mumbled something about suing the people who sold us the property. They should have known it was an unstable area. Seriously!!! I kept trying to explain to him that this was an ‘ACT OF GOD’ . . . judgment on an unrepentant nation. The dream ended.


I’m not sure I have one! The Holy Spirit has not given me any revelation regarding this dream as of yet. I do believe in my heart this is a future event. I’m not sure if such a thing could occur with a pole shift or not. All I can say is this event was not a normal earthquake. It was a displacement of the earth’s crust which resulted in the earth cracking and slip-sliding away! I do not know if it was a global event or just in my area. I only saw what I could see from my window, and then my open front door.

The fact we could feel the shaking but were unharmed is a testament to God’s promises that those who belong to Him will be safe, hidden under the shadow of His wings (Psalm 91). The man who was fishing with earbuds in his ears, oblivious to what was happening, probably represents those in the world who have no idea what is soon to come upon the earth. They are deaf to any warnings! They are so wrapped up in the things of the world and living life their way, they haven’t a care in the world about their eternal destiny. My husband’s attitude was an example of those who are safe (saved) but are still sleeping . . . carrying on as they always have, hoping for things to be normal again . . . going about their usual routine . . . believing the book of Revelation but thinking the things it talks about are yet for a time a long way off. The high-chair . . . that stumps me. We are empty nesters, the two grandchildren we have are already in school. My son and his wife have not been married long, so I even called him to ask if there might be a secret he was not telling me. No, nothing on that front. I can only speculate, but it is a possibility that it is a time-marker to when this future even may occur. At what age would a child need a high-chair? They have to be old enough to sit up properly . . . 10 months, 12 months???? Your guess is as good as mine.

One thought occurred to me regarding the huge body of water. My family and I currently live somewhat inland, but near the Gulf Coast of TX. I am not aware of any body of water that huge near us that is not the ocean. The thought crossed my mind that the time-frame for this event could be after the New Madrid Fault goes. I have read prophecies which say the USA will be split into two part and there will be a huge body of water formed from the Great Lakes all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Several states will be wiped off the map, including all of Louisiana and parts of Texas. Again, this is just speculation on my part. Anyone else who may have ideas regarding the interpretation are welcome to add a comment.

All I can say, is this event was horrific to witness, even in a dream. I know judgment must come, but I pray God will have mercy on whom He can have mercy!

Yours for the Harvest,


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