Sit Still Hear – Ruth Johnson

Sit Still Hear

September 16, 2021 1:29 AM
Ruth Johnson

O Lord will You tell me
What I need to do
I’m lost and I’m lonely
Not sure what is True
The whole world is changing
I may not grow old
I will listen to You
But I need to be told

The water is falling
Tears from the sky
The cardinal is calling
To those who have died
The monarch flutters
From flower to leaf
The thunderheads shadow
The lightnings of grief
The stars will be darkened
The moon hide his face
The locusts will race
All over the place
Tombstones will tumble
The earth open wide
Mountains will rumble
Begin to divide
A time like no other
The evil and good
Will clash through the cover
Of veil and wood


Trees will crash down
Their roots ripping free
From mud and stones
Splash into the sea
The waves on the sand
Will wash islands away
The lay of the lands
Change positions that day
The start of the end
The ending of time
A discordant note
An unwieldy rhyme
The darkness alive
Will swallow the light
No dawn arrives
Endless the night
The sreech of the owl
The howl of the wolf
Dry paper wings
Of bats scratch your roof
Witches on brooms
Wizards in hats
Magicians wave wands
Midnight black cats
With serpentine eyes
Search for wild grey rats


Do not venture out
Lock your door hide the key
Closed in your closet
Listen for Me
Down on your knees
Your face to the floor
In sackcloth and ashes
Your robe that is torn
Listen to Me
I Am speaking to you
Whom shall you serve
Whose slave will you be
I paid the fee
For he stole you from Me
Whom shall you choose
It is all up to you
The King from the grave
Is speaking to you


Face Me and say
It is your turn today
To make a commitment
Or just turn away
Be cautious and careful
Choose wisely and True
Or I will be waving
Goodbye to you
Have fun in the pit
With your father of lies
Burning forever
With your prince of flies
The incessant buzzing
Smoke in your eyes
No cooling water
Falls from the skies
Friends will have left you
Foes on four sides
No one to protect you
You chose your demise


Know I AM God
Creator of All
Server of Justice
For the weak and the small
The God of Vengeance
On killers and thieves
The Hand that pushes
The proud to fall
Reaper of My sheaves of wheat
Burner of leftover weeds
Shepherd of My flocks of sheep
Shunner of scapegoats
Destroyer of idols
A refuge for the lost and meek
Champion of innocents
Universe Master
With power without end
And your Best Friend
If you choose Me
Then you shall see
Peace everlasting
Laid before thee
Who will it be?
him or Me?
The clarion call
The trumpet blast
The ruined earth falls
With its dying gasp
Due to the lies
Of the evil asp
Does he hold your soul
In his black grasp?

So near



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