Signs, Time Change, Crack in Space – Terry Crockett

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Signs, Time Change, Crack in Space

July 7, 2023 3:00 PM
Terry Crockett


The nations come to mind, men who are braggers, confident, delusional, agitated and filled with lies and deception, governed by demons leading men into madness. Driven to conquer, subdue territories and lands given them.

Wars and Rumors of War when Earth is compressed, as if entering into hard labor, panting to breath.

Time yielding to a Greater King as He brings us into the age of the 7 of 7’s, ruling above the nations of Earth bringing Time under His Command. Amen

Who splits the Heavens above or the Earth below? Who closes His Hand ending Time as we know it or commands it, sending it in reverse and advancing knowledge light years ahead? A world on the edge of “Time Change” altering quantum physics, enlightening brilliant minds.

On the eve of Time, Heaven prepares a show to display fireworks in magnificent proportions. Sparklers announcing “Change Above” when the deep awakens, coming alive at the Command of God, assigned to announce Grand Tidings.

Something has disturbed deep space, as trumpets announce a Grand Entrance. A King has entered “Time” upsetting things past and things present. The Eternal has penetrated the dominion of “Time and Space” brining it into the Presence of God, Himself. Amen

Change as Time alters and space expands opening a ‘crack’ in space. Stars bow as if abandoning their place as a carven opens and a split in Space is exposed revealing greater mysteries. “All things New” as secret things appear that were once hidden and forbidden but now brought into view. Another dimension opens exposing secrets, deep discoveries to astound the mind.

A fragile Space stamped with “The Time of the End” as men tremble and stand in awe in these new revelations. Time has accelerated and advanced as if ordered by Command and man’s frailty now comes into view.

A Higher Power orchestrating the Heavens bringing all things under His Mighty Hand.

Did I not tell you “Signs” confirming My Return? Signs as Heaven shakes bringing great disturbance as “Sounds” roll like waves moving across Space shattering all that can be shaken. Like trumpets blowing announcing a King has stepped into an age at the finale of Time, altering what was, commanding “All Things New”.

Let the watchmen announced His intention, for a new age of 7’s enters on time and schedule. The final chapter written by prophets long ago telling of a new era when the Heavens Roar, shake, rock and roll. And nations consumed with destiny, collide and devour — War decreed and stars fall from Heaven.

The King has entered!


Keep watch for the Heavens are roaring!


The Heavens are Roaring . . .

Space roar: The mystery of the loudest sound in the universe

By David Crookes published September 20, 2022


The powerful signal was six times louder than expected.

In space, nobody can hear you scream, but with the right equipment, it is possible to detect a roar. That's what scientists discovered back in 2006 when they began to look for distant signals in the universe using a complex instrument fixed to a huge balloon that was sent to space. The instrument was able to pick up radio waves from the heat of distant stars, but what came through that year was nothing short of astounding.

As the instrument listened from a height of about 23 miles (37 kilometers), it picked up a signal that was six times louder than expected by cosmologists. Because it was too loud to be early stars and far greater than the predicted combined radio emission from distant galaxies, the powerful signal caused great puzzlement. And scientists still don't know what is causing it, even today. What's more, it could hamper efforts to search for signals from the first stars that formed after the Big Bang.

The instrument that detected the mysterious roaring signal was the Absolute Radiometer for Cosmology, Astrophysics, and Diffuse Emission (ARCADE), which NASA built to extend the study of the cosmic microwave background spectrum at lower frequencies.

NASA Actually Recorded Sound In Space, And It’s Absolutely Chilling


April 18, 2019

Can you hear sounds in space? Now you’ve probably heard that there’s no sound in space, but technically that’s not true. Now yes, space is a virtual vacuum. However, sound does exist in the form of electromagnetic vibrations that pulsate in similar wavelengths. What NASA did was design special instruments that could record these electromagnetic vibrations, and transferred them into sounds that our ears could hear.

The Sounds of Spacetime



In the biggest events in the universe, massive black holes collide with a chirp and a ring. Physicists are finding ways to listen in.

August 4, 2022

Einstein's theory of spacetime tells us that the real universe is not silent, but is actually alive with vibrating energy. Space and time carry a cacophony of vibrations with textures and timbres as rich and varied as the din of sounds in a tropical rain forest or the finale of a Wagner opera. It's just that we haven't heard those sounds yet.

Vibrations of Spacetime

The sounds of the cosmos are not the familiar sounds our ears sense, carried by vibrations in air. Space is a near-perfect vacuum, and ordinary sound carries only where there is matter to vibrate. That's one reason why our immediate knowledge of the universe far away from the solar system, from prescientific astronomy up to now, comes almost entirely from studying one form of energy: light. As James Clerk Maxwell showed in the 19th century, light is another name for vibrations in electrical and magnetic fields that travel through space—at the speed of light. In contrast to the swift-traveling vibrations in electrical and magnetic fields that we call light, the sounds of the universe are carried by vibrations in spacetime called gravitational waves. Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity tells us that all forms of matter create warps in spacetime and that motions of matter create vibrations that travel throughout space at the speed of light. The vibrations stretch the fabric of space itself back and forth in a way that can be detected far away.

The fastest accelerations of the densest objects, with the strongest gravity, presumed to be black holes (which are themselves nothing but dense knots of spacetime curvature), create the loudest vibrations. When we can hear them, those vibrations will let us listen to huge and often invisible cataclysms throughout the observable universe.

Gravitational waves are emitted when big masses accelerate; light is emitted when tiny electrical charges accelerate. That means that gravitational waves have much lower frequencies than light, and come from totally different kinds of happenings in the universe. For example, normal stars sitting on their own emit lots of light, from jiggling electrons in their hot atmospheres, but almost no gravitational radiation. At the opposite extreme, the most powerful energy transformations in the universe, where two black holes merge with each other and form a larger black hole, emit almost all of their energy as gravitational waves and almost none of it as light. Indeed, for the brief time of the merger, up to an hour or so for the largest holes we know about, just one such merging pair emits a thousand times more power in gravitational waves than all the stars in all the galaxies in the visible universe, everything combined, emit as light. So the loudest things in the universe are not the brightest things, and vice versa; the two kinds of energy really are like entirely different senses of what is happening out there.

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