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Signs in the Sign

May 11, 2023 11:20 AM
Terry Crockett


He who marks these days with the Lord’s fulness, will walk in plenty. For a Holy Calendar is brought to My attention circled with dates attesting to events shaping history. Dates of remembrance in a Season when nations rise and fall fulfilling their destiny.

Who looks above and takes note writing down the Lord’s events, as He writes His signs and Moeds above warning of national events and happenings to alert? Who stretched the Heavens to conform and bend at His direction or aligns stars at their proper appointment and speaks of things to come?

A time when stars abandon their place

What is all this commotion that has disturbed the King from His place but stars that have vanished, losing their place and assignment. For one of His companions rebels causing fireworks, a renegade of sorts refusing to stay in his lane. A trouble maker causing the King to become anxious and disturbed as one of His men have engaged in rebellion, gone rouge, leaving the pack.

The Keeper of Time predicts Seasons of Moeds announcing events. For the wise, a time to prepare and become ready, but for the uninterested and naive this will be just another event, not worth their time.

For a Season of Signs in the sky, announcing judgments to come. A rebellion among the stars as Heaven shakes and rolls, stars explode and the Heaven’s Rip and Rend as if to shed its rebellion of sin and shame. Great shaking as Heaven shudders and forsakes its place at the Presence of the King.

Let the seas roar and hold not back Judgment. Keep not the sky from rending and let His stars witness His Great Arrival! For an ever changing Heaven shakes into submission. Who rolls the Thunder shattering Time and Space, creating all things new! If I tear apart the foundation of old or Heaven shows signs of wear, will anyone take note?

I make Myself known and announce My coming, for a King does not come unannounced. Let the Earth bow and stars give way as Heaven announces an Arrival is underway.

Hallelujah Amen!

A King arises from His Throne!



Signs in the skies-

. . .Dates on My calendar. What do I see but My signs (Moeds) — like a clock (Jupiter) sits in the heavens. As Christmas approaches and stars shine, My Beauty (Planet 13) is on her way and My moons double. But what else marks this time but a shadow from behind an object, a clock of sorts. As Jupiter with one of its 12 moons moves out of orbit. Which one? Countdown begins in My timing.


I warn with alarm bells going off in the sky. Can you hear them, for they are like echos on a pond rippling louder and louder as they get closer? Jupiter sets the time. Was Valetudo (Jupiter’s moon #12) set in place with one mission in mind? To alarm and strike midnight setting in motion catastrophic events, thus setting up My Return? All to appear in precise timing according to My schedule.


Signs in the Sky

Jupiter circled by 12 moons, order adorns its rhythm. But a break a way comes when one breaks away. A renegade making war with another, sparks flying and explosions heard. Holy disruptions setting off alarm bells.




Which is exactly what makes the twelfth newly discovered moon so interesting. It’s a prograde object, but its orbit—which is unlike any known Jovian satellite’s—carries it directly into the paths of moons from the outer, retrograde group. “It’s basically driving down the highway in the wrong direction,” Sheppard says, “and it makes for a very unstable situation.” The researchers named the wayward moon Valetudo, after the Roman god Jupiter’s great-granddaughter. It was the faintest of the objects Sheppard’s team observed, which makes it not only the palest Jovian moon ever discovered, but likely the smallest, as well.

How a Desert Mountain Telescope Revealed Jupiter’s Odd New Moon


Meet Valetudo, a moon that doesn’t just go with the flow.


A ROGUE NEIGHBOR CAN MAKE life unpredictable. Putting out the trash a day early, playing loud music at all hours, never getting around to fixing that fence. Jupiter’s moons are getting a sense of what that feels like now, with a newly identified resident careening toward conflict with everyone else. This new moon, called Valetudo, is a bit of a renegade.

Scientists Have Spotted a ‘Vanishing’ Star They Think Could Be Evidence of Aliens


04 July 2016. By DAVID NIELD

Researchers in Sweden have already identified one such ‘vanishing’ star, and while they’re not sure what made it disappear from the view of our telescopes just yet, the absence of any astrophysical explanation means extraterrestrial intervention can’t be ruled out.

“We propose to search for physically impossible effects caused by highly advanced technology, by carrying out a search for disappearing galaxies and Milky Way stars,” the researchers from Uppsala University explain in their paper

Stars Vanish/Disappear

Researchers Have Identified 100 Mysteriously Disappeared Stars in The Night Sky



Across the Milky Way there are vacant spaces where a star once brightly shone. Some left clues in a dramatic death, or faded into retirement. Others simply moved into a new neighbourhood.

Not all vacancies have such convenient explanations, though. Some were there one moment and gone the next, inviting speculation over rare types of star death, extreme astrophysics, and, of course… advanced alien technology.

By comparing star catalogues dating back to the 1950s with more recent datasets, researchers with the Vanishing & Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations project have identified around 100 bright dots that seem to have vanished without a trace.

Terry Crockett

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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