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Signed Under Duress – Cherrie Archer

Signed Under Duress

November 29, 2021 10:57 AM
Cherrie Archer


I have been praying about the many people including family members who are being forced to take the V in order to keep their jobs.

I was reminded of an experience I had personally while working at a store. I was told that within 3 years I would be a journeyman and the store could hire 3 people for the cost of me so they will work to get rid of me. When I began being written up for things that were untrue to usher me out the union rep told me if I was to sign something I needed to write on the write up, ‘Signed under Duress”.

This happened 25 years ago and I have not thought of this for many years. While praying about the V and it being forced on people in order for them to keep their jobs and feed their families this memory came back to me.

I believe it is necessary to sign a form agreeing to the V upon getting it. This absolves the manufacturer from responsibility if something adverse happens. But if a person signs and adds, Signed under Duress, this null and voids the agreement.

I believe we need to get the word out. Please share this information.

I believe this remembrance was given to me by God.






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