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September 22, 2022 8:21 AM

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On Sept.8/2022, a very strange episode took place.
I woke up in the morning and had my usual prayer time. When I went to exit my bedroom, I found my door locked. Now, I was alone in the room but had not locked myself in. I immediately recognized this as a sign from the Lord and looking up I said, ‘Lord, what are you trying to tell me here?’

The Holy Spirit then brought to my remembrance a verse in Nehemiah he had shown me many times in the past few months.

Neh.7:3 And I said unto them, Let not the gates of Jerusalem be opened until the sun be hot; and while they stand by, let them SHUT THE DOORS, AND BAR THEM: and appoint watches of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, every one in his watch, and every one to be over against his house.

I then began to pray over this incident and waiting upon the Lord. There were 2 things Father wanted me to know, to keep in mind.

On Sept.12/2022 a dear sister prompted me to read the last post shared by Julie Whedbee entitled, ‘THE KING’S CUP, THE TRUMPET SOUNDING AND THE BIRTHING OF THE FIRST BORN’. It was through this reading that I received the first piece to my puzzle. Here is a direct quotation from the Rhema she posted:

‘Is there not now a holy hush amongst Mine own? As the world continues to be lulled into a deeper and deeper numbness and apathy by the ever-increasing deceptions and distractions, it is My jewels who have been tuned to My Spirit that have known in this new season to withdraw even further into THE SECRET PLACE OF MY HEART. I have whispered to you that it is time to enter into the SECRET PLACE to remain, THE CHAMBER OF INTIMACY, the chuppah where I envelope you, nourish you, and keep you from that which is not of Me, until I fully indwell you. THE BRIDAL CHAMBER is where you, My beloved, wait for your Groom. Having the keys to My Kingdom, you come through the door, carrying the oil of My anointing, away from all things unclean and unholy. You are separated as kings and priests unto Me, and you who have been refined by fire will know a new and glorious experience moving forward as finely tuned instruments of My glory. It is here that you will be shaped into perfection and complete the last tasks here in the inner chamber.’

Father was giving me understanding that my locked bedroom door meant that I was in His Bridal Chamber -the secret place of His heart. This is where the last stretch of our journey is taking place; the fine tuning before He fully indwells us and sends us out into His mission field. How exciting to have this confirmation!

Be encouraged, Army of the Lord, to persevere as we press on towards the End Times goal we have been sent here to achieve. Knowing that calamities are upon us and with them will come the Holy Spirit’s great outpouring. For then we will behold Him and we shall be like Him. Enter in, brothers and sisters. Shut behind you anything that hinders. Pursue holiness and righteousness. Repent daily to ensure your garments stay clean, pure and wrinkle-free. For behold, the BrideGroom cometh!!

On Sept.18/2022, while reading to my boys in 2Kings 4, the Holy Spirit continued to impress upon me this reminder to shut the door. I made note of the following verses as more confirmations:

2 Kings 4:4 And when thou art come in, thou shalt SHUT THE DOOR upon thee and upon thy sons, and shalt pour out into all those vessels, and thou shalt set aside that which is full.
2 Kings 4:5 So she went from him, and SHUT THE DOOR upon her and upon her sons, who brought the vessels to her; and she poured out.
2 Kings 4:21 And she went up, and laid him on the bed of the man of God, and SHUT THE DOOR upon him, and went out.
2 Kings 4:33 He went in therefore, and SHUT THE DOOR upon them twain, and prayed unto the Lord.

During prayer time that day, the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation regarding the woman in the first portion of 2Kings 4, the one whose husband had passed away and was going to lose both her sons as slaves if she didn’t come up with the funds to pay her creditors. He made me notice that the vessels she was using were empty and clean from any impurity symbolizing the hearts of those who have been emptied from all sins, wickedness, rebellion, idolatry and ready to be filled. The oil represented the Holy Spirit who will fill every one of His ready vessels til there’ll be none left. Hallelujah!!

Then later the same evening I received another confirmation. While scrolling down through a document on the Master’s Voice, I noticed a link that read, ‘SHUT YOUR DOORS’. I followed the link and it lead me to this. Quoting here:

‘Rush to the wide open doors of your poorly kept barns and slam them against the storm that is coming. Shut your barn door before your animals get out! Shut your door against consumerism and a blatant lust for MORE! Shut your door against the sin that so easily besets you, those evil desires that keep entangling you! Shut the door, or the storm will enter and when it has passed, it will be like Egypt after the last night, like Egypt after My servant Death had passed, like the morning after when the firstborn arose no more. Shut your doors. The sword is among you now. Thus says the Lord.’

On Sept.19/2022, while reading again to my boys, another confirmation:

2 Kings 6:32 But Elisha sat in his house, and the elders sat with him; and the king sent a man from before him: but ere the messenger came to him, he said to the elders, See ye how this son of a murderer hath sent to take away mine head? look, when the messenger cometh, SHUT THE DOOR, and hold him fast at the door: is not the sound of his master’s feet behind him?

Finally, on Sept.20/2022, I received the last piece to this Word.

My parents were visiting our family from out-of-town. I was in my kitchen preparing some delicious snacks while playing one of my favourite Jewish songs. My mom was listening intently when suddenly she closed her eyes. I looked over at her and I could tell by her expression that she was in the Spirit in her secret place with the Lord. I will recount here her vivid experience I have translated from Italian.

“I saw a beautiful blue sky before me and then a glorious, bright light. Heaven opened before my eyes and I beheld the presence of the Father sitting on His throne. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with grief and I started to weep. I began saying, ‘the Lord is crying’, ‘the Father is grieved’. Then the Lord spoke saying, ‘it is not you they have rejected, but me’. ‘What have they done with my Son’s sacrifice on the cross? My heart grieves for my people -those who have rejected me, who call themselves by My Name but refuse to walk according to My ways. I have called many a time but they resist. Their end will be bitter.’

The pain I was made to feel was unbearable. I could feel Father’s heartbreak for His children. I could not sustain His pain and began to cry out to the Lord for mercy, for second chances to be given. The Father said, ‘The door is about to close. There is no more time.’ ”

There was an urgency in this message, a severe warning for anyone hearing this to come to the Lord and repent without delay. The door of His Ark is about to shut. Bitter will be the cries of those who have not entered in.

Please pray and fast over this message. As I said in the last Word, ‘Time is No More’.

Before recording and posting this message I prayed once again for confirmation to share this. I received Psalm 142:1-2 I cried unto the Lord with my voice; with my voice unto the Lord did I make my supplication. 2 I poured out my complaint before him; I shewed before him my trouble.

To God be ALL the glory, power and praise forever and ever! AMEN!!


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