“Shut the Door” – Shannan Howlett

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“Shut the Door”

March 25, 2023 6:08 AM
Shannan Howlett

A word to the Body of Christ (March 25, 2023)…

The past week I lost 5 chickens. Something viciously attacked them in their coop at night and whatever it was escaped with their heads and the last time took a whole leg.

I could not tell where this varmint was getting in but starting reinforcing the places I thought it might be possible. I moved my deer camera to try to get a bird’s eye view (this never picked up on anything) and set traps outside the coop (who would want marshmallows slathered with peanut butter when you can have a juicy chicken head?). The next morning I found a chicken more viciously attacked than the first. I felt like it was now on. The challenge accepted. I boastfully and arrogantly told my family that is the last chicken I will be losing. This really made me mad. I was fuming. God heard me and He said this, “If the problem persists, you have an open door.” When the Lord spoke this to me I instantly knew He was speaking more than just about my current situation.

People, this is a word! People, this is a word to the church! If the problem persists, you have an open door. A curse without cause cannot light (Proverbs 26:2). The enemy cannot run rip shod over God’s people – you have an open door! I took this very personally and have been going to the throne room night and day. So, if you too have a problem that persists seek God about the open door. The problem may be unbelief. It may be a stronghold. It may be unforgiveness. Whatever – SHUT THE DOOR!

The next day I did all sorts of rewiring and shoring up. The next night another chicken and the next night after that another chicken and another – five in all. I was getting serious with God at this point because I believe my property is PROTECTED. God has told me it is a SAFE HAVEN. This is when I heard Him say, over and over, “Sitting ducks.”

My poor chickens were sitting ducks. They never saw their enemy coming because it was in the cloak of darkness and chickens do not see in the dark. They never heard the enemy coming because they were nicely huddled in their beds. They never suspected their fate. They thought they were safe… Sitting ducks- and all because a door is open that needs to be shut and they don’t even realize there is a door open.

This is when it dawned upon me and was becoming apparent that this was bigger than a chicken catastrophe. God was trying to speak to me through this situation. This is about people who don’t see the apparent danger in our land that is looming all around us. This is about the doors we have opened in our country through sin (abortion, sex trafficking, greed, sexual immorality, etc…). This is about personal doors that may be open through error, unbelief , unforgiveness, you name it. We are sitting ducks and we don’t even realize the danger at hand because we don’t know the door is open. In our country, as we speak, we have terrorists cells from other countries actively training. We have Chinese spy balloons floating freely through the skies. Our banking system is literally crumbling before our eyes as the globalists prepare for the beast system. The current administration has opened our borders to millions and we have no clue where all these people are going, where they stay, how they live…SITTING DUCKS…

People, we are sitting ducks and we need to shut some doors. We need to repent for ourselves and our nation. We need a 2 Chronicles 7:14 movement. We need to cry out to God- day and night if need be. We need PROTECTION! One of my favorite pastors on the internet said one night the Lord had given him dreams and showed him what was coming to our country because of all the wickedness and he said if we only knew every one of us would be on our knees individually or in a prayer meeting, day and night crying out for mercy… Yet, how many of us see this happening in the churches. The prayer meeting is the least attended meeting in the church if they bother to have one at all. This is about to change as we fulfill the Lord’s prophecy, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.”

You want to know what the most blistering part of the Lord’s rebuke? That I would so aggressively seek Him about my chicken situation and how to alleviate the problem and not cry out about the state of our country and the apparent danger we face if we don’t shut the doors. People are going to get hurt. We are about to see some real suffering. Have we done our part in preparations? Have we shored up all the loose ends? Have we spent time on our knees? Have we personally shut doors?

I hear so many say we are Christians. God is going to take care of us. Remember how boastful and arrogant I was, being so positive that I would not lose another chicken? We are being naïve if we think there will be no fall out as our country goes into the beast system. I have been to Rome. I have walked in the catacombs where Christians had to hide to stay alive. I have seen the bones of the saints in the tunnels. I have been to the Colosseum where saints were eaten and mauled by lions. I have seen the spot where Peter was crucified upside down, Rome is also the place of Paul’s beheading…Why, because they were most hated Christians and they were in Rome at the time. I do believe God takes care of His children but it may not look like the way we believe He should. We live in a very corrupt country and by default we are going to experience things as our country falls. So go to your prayer closet and listen!

So let’s get back to my chicken story. After I had rewired, shut every possible hole and put concrete reinforcements on all the questionable areas, I then did the only thing left to do…
I set up a dog kennel in front of the coop and put my Rottweiler in it and guess what? No more chicken catastrophes.

Do we see what needs to happen here? Do we see what we need to do? Let’s get busy.

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