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Show Yourself Worthy to Escape

June 24, 2024 9:22 PM

Show you are worthy to escape those things coming upon the Earth. Each of us are captive in the walls that we have built for our incarceration. Our sins cannot be breached without full repentance and turning from those sins, that keep us enslaved. Day in and day out, we reenact those same sins, believing we are on the road to recovery, by saying, “Tomorrow will be another day.” “I will stop tomorrow.” But the stoppage never fully happens. We do not become who we need to become, because we are not fully vested in I Am. Yes, we say we are, but are we truly?
Each sin we repeat, becomes who we are. Ad infinitum, we claim we will stop, slow down or cut out what weighs down our soul. Each are empty promises that never seem to come to fruition.
For those who are lucky enough to have one final chance, it is important you follow thru. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. For empty promises, become a lie, in disguise.


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