Show The True Power Of Love – Brian Ethier

Show The True Power Of Love

January 6, 2021 12:00 PM
Brian Ethier

Two by two to the lost ten tribes the apostles they were sent,
And to never charge a fee no matter where they went;
To cast out evil spirits, that power they now did possess,
As well as cure sickness and diseases they could so impress.

But before their adventure there were lessons to be learned,
For there would be persecutions until the Son of Man returned;
Now filled with the Set Apart Spirit to guide them so not to go astray,
They remembered Yahusha’s words as they went on their way.


My special twelve, I’m sending you, now be fair with all you meet,
Do bless your enemies, just wipe the dust off your feet;
Now be cunning as a serpent but you be as harmless as a dove,
And throughout your commission do show the true power of love.

You are now ready, teach all the Good News of Salvation, never be afraid,
And be always ready to serve and one day you’ll be repaid;
It will not be easy but not impossible for you,
And in the end you will win no matter what some do.


And throughout your commission do show the true power,
The true power, the true power of love!

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