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Shine bright Be the light of the world, I give wisdom, knowledge and understanding…

March 31, 2022 12:37 PM
Angela García

Rcv’d 3/30 pray for discernment, knowledge and revelation (Acts 2:17)

My lights will shine bright . You will see who are my true remnant and who have failed me at this time. Pray they are all worthy to escape, Pray they awaken to the times they live in. So lost and blind they know not what they say and do! Mocking my very words as if they know truth! Be still my children and know that I AM your mighty God. The only God of the world! Creator of heaven and earth, is there any other?

I say NOT, put down your trinkets and open those eyes and mind to the only way and truth. You know not the times nor care to what is to come to your very door steps. I warn my children, but you care not to hear truth. Understand where you are in these times. I seek my children, their hearts are far from the father so I’m love with a world that soon will spit them out and not care for them as I came to. As I say I take care of my own! Be my own! Be who I created you to be. Walk in my will, be my light shinning for the world to see with my words, my ways. I AM the only way my child understand where we are in these times. Come to me on bended knee. I will guide your heart and show you the way. I AM the only way! I give manna out of nowhere. The word of God to feed your soul like only I can ♥️ Be a beacon of light in this dark world that is only getting darker by the hour! Know we are in the final hours and the Ark leaves soon! How great I AM to warn my children. My love is everlasting not a love you have ever known. My light shines brighter everyday. Come to the light children! I AM the only way

Jesus Messiah

Yeshua Hamashiach

The Great I AM

The light of the world

Matthew 5:14-16

Romans 11:5, Luke 21:36

Romans 13:11-14

Isaiah 42:6-7, 45:5-6

John 9:39, 9:25

Genesis 1:1, Psalm 146:6

John 14:6, Ezekiel 3:17

Jeremiah 17:10

Joshua 24:14, John 10:10

Isaiah 46:4,

Ephesians 2:10

Proverbs 31, 1 John 1:5-7

John 14:6, 6:35

Genesis 7:1

Jeremiah 31:3

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