SHIFT CHANGE – Teresa Graham


March 12, 2022 3:18 PM
Teresa Graham

Dream 11/16/21

I was in a public setting. It could have been a gas station that has a store and a restroom inside the store, as I believe I was walking to the ladies room. I was nearly there when “Suddenly” I realized a change had taken place. I wasn’t sure what it was, only that I immediately noticed that the clothes that I had been wearing (everything) were on the ground. As I bent over to pick them up I saw a woman several feet away from me, strangely staring at me. I gathered my clothes and walked into the ladies room. It happened so quickly I hadn’t noticed what I was wearing. I recall walking past a sink with a long mirror beside it. I had to walk past the sink and mirror to open the restroom stall (door). I didn’t look at my face in the mirror but as I walked past the mirror I was able to clearly see the back of my hair and it was really long and styled beautifully. I recalled thinking the doorway into the stall was very narrow but I squeezed through with no problem. I only know that I was thin and my appearance was youthful and I was wearing a totally different outfit than when I entered the store. I still was not sure what had happened, only that I was amazed at how beautiful my hair was . I could hardly believe it.
So I started to close the door to the restroom stall when I saw in my peripheral the woman who was staring at me standing beside the sink. I also noticed that at this time a little girl (maybe 10 years old) was standing at the sink and she was scrubbing her forearms with something and they were very bloody. The woman didn’t say anything to me, she just kept staring at me. My understanding is she saw me change and was trying to figure it out (as was I).
I talked with the little girl and I asked her not to scrub her arms hard. That’s all I recall pertaining to her.

Next scene

I entered a room and other people (I don’t know) were there. I knew them in the dream. I walked over to give a man an update on specific events. I don’t recall what those events were. He picked up a phone and made a call to note the status to the person on the other end of the line and obtain needed info from that person also. I believe it was at this time he scheduled a pickup time for our group (3 people plus the driver – 4 people total)

Next Scene

I don’t recall who was in the minivan, only that the driver was male. I was in the backseat and there was a male sitting beside me. There was also a passenger sitting in the front. We were all excited about this journey that we were going on. The minivan drove up a very narrow, winding road on the side of a mountain, and we ascended very quickly to a high elevation point. Everyone was laughing. No one was scared. At one point we made a sharp right turn because the road we were on moved and made a right angle. When The driver made the sharp turn
I looked for the handle to grab onto, as it felt like we had been driving at a fast speed and the right turn came upon him suddenly. Still no fear, just surprise. It was fun.

I looked to my left and realized that we were about the length of a football stadium distance from the road to the ground below. The scenery was breathtaking. It was beautiful. We saw rich green grass, beautiful flowers of different colors absolutely everywhere! I’ve never seen a place as beautiful as what we were seeing . I couldn’t wait for what was yet to come, as I knew this was only scratching the surface.

The dream ended


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