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SHES GOING TO BLOW! – Victoria Ang


October 8, 2020
Victoria Ang


Three times I have been woken out of a sound sleep to pray. The first two times I was given the exact same vision and words. In the vision I saw a volcano erupting . I do not know where it was but heard “ SHES GOING TO BLOW”! So I went into immediate prayer. I fell back to sleep only later on ,was woken to the same vision and words. I prayed again. And fell asleep.

I was woken a third time but this time looked at the clock . It was 5:10 AM. Which means in Hebrew (A BAND OF SOLDIERS) so I am asking all to join in prayer.

We cannot pray away Gods judgement but those that have the gift of tongues please pray. And for others that haven’t received. Pray for Gods mercy and for those in the path of destruction . For their safety and for animals and innocent lives .

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