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She Comes from the Sky Word & Poem – Vicki Goforth Parnell

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She Comes from the Sky Word & Poem

September 21, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell

A word & poem from our lovely Jesus of Judgment coming from the sky fast and hard.

Romans 9:15 For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

9-21-22 @ 1:00pm

She Comes from the Sky Word & Poem 9/21/22 at 1:00 pm

The time has come My love, My daughter. It has come. Destruction lies at the door and still very few have spent their times on bended knees before Me. Time’s up. Time’s up. I could have intervened for you My beloved people because only My hand, My command, can stop the destruction that’s now coming and is almost upon your world and broken nation. From the sky she comes. From the heavens above. Sent by Me by Father’s command. He and I are one and the same, yet separate. If you had been as eager to meet in in prayer in your prayer closets, like those of you who still take time to truly talk to me then you would have been warned to pray instead of heading to that football game, or watching that TV show you love so much.
Tell Me, are you able to speak My word to others knowing it as well, if not better, than every episode of your favorite playing sitcom displayed on TV and across your internet. I think not. I know not. Because I know each of My children who come speaks to Me each day with some coming even multiple times throughout their day; your ball games won’t save you; your internet and shows will not save you; your leaders and rulers cannot save you; destruction comes. She comes.
It comes from on high by My righteous hand.
Here’s a poem for you children:
From the sky, from the sky,
A rock from the heavens shall fly.
Into the oceans deep
Causing waters to rise in heaps.
Weep and wail for destruction has come,
Not to but one, but to all.
For all shall feel the effects in some way
Of what is to come.

The elite, the powerful, the wealthy shall flee.
Sounding no warning My rock shall come to thee.
If not for prayer prayed of mercy by three,
you will not have more time to prepare
than the four hours previously given to thee.
The prayer of a righteous person
My children can and does make a difference
availing much when prayed in My holy name.
Fall on your knees
It’s time to repent
because if you don’t
My anger I’ll not relent.

I am righteous
Holy in love
But judgements of sin
still comes from My throne above.
Through the sky shall fly
This rock sent by Me
A flaming fiery sight
For all to see.
That will all but be muffled
By the powers that be
Except for three
Giving some time to flee in Me.
Destruction is imminent children.
Sorrows come.
Sorrows come.
Did not I warn you to prepare your hearts in Me?
Sorrows come.

It comes beginning form the skies
A black time
A dark time
for the calendar to see,
this month of Sorrows has now come upon thee.
Upon impact the waters shall rise high.
Look all around, it’s no ordinary tide.
A rumbling within the ocean’s floor,
causing Judgment’s powerful hand to land at satan’s hidden doors.

A place hidden deep, but you can’t hide from Me.
I see all the innocent lives you took so freely.
A time of judgment
A time of woe
As this fireball rock
Continues to glow.
Streaking across the sky
in great velocity of speed
Into the Pacific surely she shall fall upon thee.
Run little children
Run into Me.
Death comes a knocking
In the numbers 1, 2, and 3.

Death from above.
Death from debris.
Death from shock.

That’s the first number of three.

Death from the waters tall as can be.

Death for those found riding upon oceans and seas.

Deaths caused by slides of the ground; can’t you see?

Now you have the second count of three.
Death from the quaking and shaking of the earth below.
Which shall cause chain reactions bringing with it in tow.

A reawakening of mountains
spitting liquid fire
Causing death to some
by sudden fiery mire.
Difficulty in breathing
shall bring death to some
Making the third of three as Judgment’s Hand is done.

Oh, how I would have lovingly taken you into My great arms of love
And shown you great mercy, great mercy, children of this earth!

Great love and mercy.
The rock.
The rock.
This asteroid rock,
She comes.

She comes before Jubilee ends.
Unseen by all the technology of man
until the moment I let her appear to be seen
and many shall cry, but muffled they’ll be.
Except for the three chosen by Me
who shall now give warning
which will be seen and received
Because some of My children were willing to sacrifice their time
and cry humbly out to Me

Judgment hand is swift and harsh for such is a punishment deserving for sins not repented of after mercy’s hand is no longer extended for all. When Judgment falls upon a world, a nation, a people, it falls upon all both rich and poor,
both small and great, the unjust, the just. Now reap, reap what you’ve sown. Wicked seeds grow ill-gotten seeds that brings Judgment’s hand down when and if not repented of.

You are now at this point in time, children of the earth. But for those who are Mine, truly Mine, who belong to me I say, “Do not fear. Do. Not. Fear. Do not fear. I’ve got you. You are engraved in the palm of My hand, and I will never forsake you. I will not abandon you either. I am faithful and faithful forever for all eternity. Run into me and trust Me, for I am your shelter in this storm . But little children, it’s time to work. Work the fields for as this rock appears within your skies suddenlies upon suddenlies shall come quicker than a rolling stone gathering speed coming from a very steep mountain.

Gather anything you still need. Seek Me individually on what each should do or need. You must seek Me for your answers and not My daughter who is speaking words, for she is seeking Me for answers herself on all I’m showing her and others like her, who have risen to the call to shout out My warnings, regardless of being ridiculed, have false accusation continually arising their family, and friends, walking away from their lives.”
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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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