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Shape shifters – Daughter of God

Shape shifters

April 25, 2020
daughteR OF god 

This is an older dream I had about shapeshifting demons/fallen angels and also 3 dreams my teenage son has had over last few days about the same thing.

2019 sep 3 My Shapeshifters dream:

I was in my home looking out the window. There were what looked like stars. Millions of them, moving around the sky like bugs. I knew it was fallen angels coming down. They did and were going around everywhere attacking people. They looked like either monsters or aliens or like normal people or people we knew. I told my children don’t open the door for anyone and lock all the doors. But a couple of them got in, they looked like people we knew. I commanded them to get out in Jesus name. They didn’t listen. I had to look them in the eyes and tell them again and they manifested. Their eyes changed and they growled and hissed at me then left.

The rest of the dream is about personal family matters and is to do with the reason they were able to get in our home: Basically, there was an open door which has since been shut. It’s very important that we pray and ask God if there are any open doors they can get in so we can shut them! It is also important to anoint our homes and pray over our homes. There will be safe houses / havens during the tribulation that demons won’t be able to enter unless we let them in.

And of course, dont let anyone in without Holy Spirit discernment! This is why it is vital that we have that close relationship with God and hear His voice. Discernment is a gift of Holy Spirit that you can ask for and receive.

2020 April 18 My sons dream of shapeshifting zombies:

My son had a dream that some little girls came into the house and they were trying to eat him.

They were probably demons appearing as little girls.

2020 April 21 My sons dream:

He dreamed that a man and a woman kept trying to break into our home but they couldn’t get in. They climbed up onto our deck. (2 story house). So they were standing outside looking in the window. He said they looked like “junkies” but they were not human, as in they had no soul. He said we couldn’t scare them away because the government took our guns.

In real life we don’t have guns but this must be something that is going to happen to people in near future.

2020 April 23 My sons dream:

He dreamed he had his friends over and there were “clones” of his friends outside trying to get in. One of his friends said: “be quiet, they will hear you, the clones are watching for you to eat the apple.”

He called them clones, but they could have been shapeshifting demons.

The apple I think was referring to the fruit from the tree of knowledge. I think the choice of eating the fruit is similar to the choice we will have soon of whether to take the mark of the beast. Once we take that mark, the demons will be able to come in, into our home and into our body (which is also our figurative home).

Scripture re shapeshifting/deception:

Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light – 2 Cor 11:14

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