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Shake the dust off your feet – Krystal Beall

Shake the dust off your feet

January 19, 2020
Krystal Beall

To my faithful longing for me, rejoice I say for in an instant ye shall behold me. I hear your prayers. I have listened to your cries. I have answered. Trust me. Believe. Ye shall see my Glory. I AM faithful. I AM true. The meek shall eat and be satisfied. It is my good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

To those of you who feel I have forsaken you, asking if I love you still, full of anxiety that I have or will leave you. Fearing I have turned my face as though hiding from you…to you I say this.. Peace. Be still. Never will I leave or forsake you. My silence is not my rejection, but my acceptance. My approval. My face is set upon you. My gaze fixed firmly upon all whom I love and whom love me. For I know the thoughts I think towards you.. thoughts of peace, and not of evil. To give you an expected end. What an end it shall be. Yet it is only the beginning. There is good for all who love me. Who are called according to my plan and purpose.

Vengeance is mine. I will repay. I will avenge your life. I will heal and restore you. I have . Trust me. Believe. Faith. Not sight. I hear the cries of the opressed. Suppressed and depressed in the earth. I hear the heavy sighs of weariness and longing. For many of my own find themselves with no place to lay their heads. Feeling alone. Families have become enemies. A man’s foes in his own house. I have not come to bring peace but a sword. My sword has been drawn and I have struck all people…all nations and tongues in the earth. Many hearts have been pierced and many tears flow as the scattering unfolds. Yea as the shepherd was struck so the flock scatters. As I allow all things to pass before you… rejoice in knowing that it is I. Yea I who have allowed it to be so. For you who taste the gall shall the milk and honey flows without cease. Partake of my Sorrow. Partake of my joy glory. The world is in emnity with me. Yea,I can to my own and they received me not. I was hated without reason. Despised and rejected. All who come after me, following me shall partake of my cup. If they hated me, and they did, they do…they shall hate you too. If they received me not…so shall receive ye not. It is me they reject.

Shake the dust off your feet, leave it to me…Move forward.. Follow me. Rejoice. My trumpet has blown. It is blowing. Billowing through the earth. Many remain blind. Deaf. I mourn for the falling away has occurred and continues to do so. My people perish from a lack of knowledge. I have gathered and am gathering my own from all four corners of the earth. I am lifting many. I am abasing many. The last shall be first. The first last. Those whom have been in lack are to receive an abundance in which they can not contain. As I pour upon you my blessings and glory. Beauty for ashes. I AM faithful. I AM true. I AM that I AM. I have loved you with an everlasting love, yea with kindness have I drawn thee.

To America. You are a vastly and most profoundly deceived nation in whom has REJECTED me. I have turned my back to you and not my front. Yea from the nation I have hidden my face. My Kingdom is not of this world. Ye are to be separate. Come out from among them. Touch not the unclean thing. I shall receive thee. How many…So many would not. The nation is most wicked and profane before me. Fire shall purify all that is unholy, unclean and defiled before me. The darkness thickens. My feet have touched the soil. I have left my impression upon the American atrocity. America will be most sorely abased by me. I weep oh man…nation of America. Ye are deceived. Ye have robbed me. Ye think I AM a far off. Lo I tell you. I AM in the midst of thee. I have beheld the abomination. Desolation. Desolation.

Lean not on your own understanding my faithful. I AM leading you. I AM bringing all to pass. The hour is now. Look up. For truly I come quickly. My rewards are with me. What a man sows he reaps. What a nation sows it reaps. I AM not mocked. Turn to me all the ends of the Earth and be saved for I AM God alone and there is no other. Behold the horses are bridled and loosed. Safety is found in me. The battle is mine. It is won. You are held. You are mine. All things new. I AM with you always. In the twinkling of an eye… GLORY. Everything changes. The hour is now.


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