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Septre of God, Obama and the Twilight Zone – Caroline Diadem

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hi friends and I’m back again hi and so
I just want to share with you and a
couple more things that I had to share
one was a prayer time that I had there
recently and the other one was then a
dream that I also had and which is
really a very interesting kind of
symbolic dream so and what I’ll do is
I’ll just go ahead straight away and
just read about the prayer time that I
had so basically it was on Tuesday the
10th of April 2019 and I just said I
just go ahead is it in my journal so I’m
just gonna read it from my journal so
praying this morning I saw that God was
very high and lifted up very high into
the heavens my sense was it was the
father himself on the throne in his hand
was a tall scepter and it was a it was a
made of silver and it had kind of like a
bowl on the top of it or something but I
didn’t see the detail because it was
like I was seeing the Lord very very far
away it was like really really high high
lifted up and like on the high in the
highest heavens on his throne and yes so
that’s kind of what I was seeing I was
very aware of his holiness and he’s
mighty power and in particular the
authority that came with him was very
strong in the dream in in the in the
vision or ever that was having and mmm
so I was aware of his distance away from
us and then I saw like the globe appear
like the globe appear about the size of
a ham ball and it was kind of like I was
looking at the globe from his
perspective you could say so yeah so and
I saw God take the scepter and he was
striking the earth in different places I
knew he was delivering judgment with a
I saw lightning proceeded from it I was
praying and I was crying that integer in
judgment I knew judgment he God was
bringing judgment to three
that he hit so I was praying that in in
judgment God would have mercy I reminded
him that mankind was hopeless without
him and that Satan would show no mercy
I saw him strike the earth
sorry just interrupted by my beloved
daughter I was reminded that God I
reminded God that mankind was hopeless
without him and that Satan would show no
I saw him strike the earth a few times
in different places like different
countries or whatever around the globe
but I didn’t see where I know we were I
know I knew that we were corrupt before
a holy God truly we have no idea of our
corruption against a holy unblemished
God and in fact when I began to see the
picture of God on his throne I
immediately was repenting for my own sin
you know I was just really repenting so
he showed me mankind is already
condemned by simply the lack of the
presence of God the fact that God had
already moved removed himself and his
glory from us and was the condemnation
already so God removed the glory that
was upon us and distance and separated
himself from us we returned by our
born-again spirit but he is very high
and lifted up far far into the heavens
he is exceedingly powerful and
exceedingly holy and incorruptible and I
knew that saying in the Bible where it
says that we couldn’t behold his face
because if we did we would die in our
corruption and I knew that to be true
and I became aware that we cannot re
I’ve written here we cannot look upon
the Father because of our corruption we
would be consumed in the holiness of his
presence and his brilliant light so that
was what I saw when I was praying there
and then on the 11th of April and I
recorded here a dream that I had as well
so this was a quite unusual dream but as
you can see there’s quite a bit of sin
symbolism and stuff in it so anyway I
woke up in the nights last night and I
was reading the scriptures now I was
kind of Restless open to that point I
wasn’t really sleeping properly but when
I returned to sleep I had this dream so
I was in a plane with others and as a
Christian myself and other Christians
were discussing upcoming prophetic
events and now there was a lot of
unbelievers in the plane and they were
just thinking oh you know the kind of
cranks are at it again you know
discussing what we’re discussing okay so
they didn’t believe what was what we’re
talking about would but we were
discussing prophetic events then
suddenly in the plane it felt like we
entered a twilight zone it was very
strange and and when this happened when
we were entered this Twilight Zone it
was like everybody in the plane knew it
sensed it everybody went silent nobody
was harsh or say a word everyone was a
bit freaked out what was going on
because we didn’t know what was
happening so that was the feeling of it
right and so it was it lasted about 10
minutes or so and many people began to
see and feel things so basically like we
were looking at the window and then
people were seeing things and you could
hear them commenting so I looked at the
window and I saw unusual things I saw
like a constellation of stars that was
very very unusual it was like kind of a
constellation like a triangle on top of
a square or something in stars but it
was just not a normal constellation and
then I saw helicopters that was like
child’s drawings and they were as I was
looking at the plane I just saw so all
these like there’s quite a few of them
these helicopters that were done in
child’s drawings and then
I heard someone else say oh look I see
gold lettering I see gold lettering it’s
like they could see the floor the floor
the ground and this was what another
person was saying so yes many people
were saintly seeing unusual things
everyone in the plane was shocked by
this because everyone now said something
was up
non-believers were really terrified so
they were really scared and I remember
turning to a gentleman like when the
that Twilight Zone kind of finished
after the ten minutes and I looked at
him and I said did you you know what did
you think of that and he was too scared
to talk about it he was like he believed
but he did he was afraid to say anything
so they acknowledged it but they were
afraid to talk about it now as we landed
that Twila
atmosphere came back to a normal
atmosphere we exited the plane but we
were still on high alert everyone was
really affected by this and then we
heard two loud booms coming onto the
ground now people thought it was war
breaking out but it wasn’t just then a
few men came over a hill this so we were
getting off the plane we landed like in
a field and just then like a few a group
of men were coming over a hill and they
had a man in front of them he wasn’t in
tow and so I ran after them and I knew
that with this young man that they were
kind of holding hostage they were
pushing it forward these men and that he
hadn’t got a gun license for hunting
right for just normal shooting right and
so they were accusing him of not having
a gun license then they poured petrol
over him and it this was in front of now
gathered crowd a small crowd and they
set him on fire and then I heard this
this voice came out of nowhere it didn’t
come out of any any person that was in
front of me this kid just came out
really loud until
in my dreams Obama been Ladin and then I
woke up and so I just want to give you a
few thoughts on this dream and then if
you have anything to add to it I know
one of my friends gave me something that
I didn’t think about as well and if you
have anything to add to it it would be
really good to hear what you say and so
basically I felt what I felt was that
with the twilight zone
I felt that something’s going to happen
something that nobody can deny both
unbelievers and believers and will not
be able to do not deny this event so
some big event is going to happen I
don’t know what it is I felt like their
constellations and the stars in the sky
were just signs like in the scriptures
where God says I will send signs in the
sky in the heavens and so with the
constellations I just felt that was just
part of the kind of the signs now I
don’t know if it’s the signs that have
gone past already you know like we’ve
had that thinking about actually they’re
unusual the revelation sign I didn’t
think of that I just came to my head
actually just as I was saying this to
you so that’s kind of funny because it’s
the first time I even even thought of
and so that is possible possibly what it
could be thinking about it now and the
helicopters I couldn’t figure but I
shared it with a friend of mine and she
came out with a very good thing she said
that sounds like it could because it was
children maybe it’s got to do it the
abortion issue and I said gosh that’s
interesting it could be the helicopters
themselves could indicate Civil War or
World War I don’t know I wasn’t sure
about that and and then someone
mentioned the gold gold letters I don’t
know what the gold letters mean because
she didn’t actually say what letters
there were or anything like that um so
yeah and then when we exited the plane
okay the the plane from me was society
that that was kind of clear for me that
would that’s what I
believe it was society because you had
the majority was unbelievers it was
there were some Christians and and I
represented the time that we’re in
because the Christians were talking
about the prophetic times so that’s what
I felt so then when we got out of the
plane and those group of men that said
that poor man on fire I felt like the
laws had been altered you know that’s
what I was feeling
and that the laws had been altered and
this kind of you know awful kind of
situation was almost allowed and
acceptable it wasn’t Pleasant I don’t
think anyone was happy about it but it
was like it was allowed you know it was
allowed and then so something had
changed and then of course me hearing
Obama Ben lad and so loud and clear I
mean it was so loud and clear like that
was the biggest message in the dream it
was bang you know Obama Ben Laden it was
just like this big voice just said it so
instantly I knew oh my gosh Obama is the
next bin Laden that was evident to me
and which means that Obama is you know
is he has a huge huge leadership role
then with regards to the Muslims and
stuff I don’t know if it was indicate in
that he’s the Antichrist even though you
know I know a lot of people have say
that he is it’s very possible he is the
second time I’ve definite in you know
think God speaking to me about Obama so
I wouldn’t be I wouldn’t be shocked by
that and yeah so that was that was my
two things I won’t go on too long but so
yeah give me your feedback I would
really love to have your feedback
especially with the symbolism I know
there’s a lot of symbolism in that and
so if you have any more please let me
know I also know before I had this dream
and or in the night at some point I also
had I know I’ve visited somewhere in
heaven I know that I did because I could
feel the glory and my heart burning and
even when I woke up but I didn’t it was
like God wiped it out of my mind so I
don’t know but I just knew there was
wonderful things in the depths of heaven
but I
I didn’t remember it when I woke up so
guys thank you so much and hope to speak
to you very soon I’ll come back on when
the Lord gives me any more and stay
blessed and stay close to God bye


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