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September they were going to release many demons, they are ready – Evangelist Diego Ortiz

Translated from Spanish

Message received by the Evangelist Diego Ortiz

Alert please share this message! … the Lord today August 29 at 11:40 am He shows me a place, where thousands of demons with different WEAPONS are ready …

And the Lord told me: “What I told you that in September they were going to release many demons, they are ready” … and they said, we are going to DESTROY ALL THE CHURCHES that are making us WAR.

Then a very big demon says, bring all the souls that can to this place …

Then I can see another place, where the Lord was prostrate crying with a very sad voice saying: “FATHER, FATHER, GIVE MORE TIME TO MY CHURCH” … and the voice of the Father is heard saying: “SON, THERE IS NO MORE TIME WAS FINISHED. ”

And the Lord Jesus was shedding tears of Blood and He tells me: “SON YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE TIME, THE TIME IS FINISHED, AND MANY WILL BE LOST” … and the prostrate Lord orders thousands of angels and says: “NOW GO AND SHOW THEMSELVES THROUGH DREAMS, AND ANNOUNCE WHAT IS TO COME “…

and I see how thousands of angels descend to the EARTH … “TIME HAS FINISHED”.

Original below

Mensaje recibido por el Evangelista Diego Ortiz

¡Alerta por favor compartir este mensaje!… el Señor hoy 29 de agosto a las 11:40 Me muestra un lugar, donde ya están listos miles de demonios con diferentes ARMAS…

Y el Señor Me dijo: ” Lo que te dije que en el mes de septiembre se iban a soltar muchos demonios, ellos ya están listos”… y ellos decían, vamos a DESTRUIR A TODAS LAS IGLESIAS que nos están haciendo la GUERRA.

Luego un demonio muy grande dice, traigan todas las almas que puedan a este lugar…

Luego puedo ver otro lugar, donde estaba el Señor postrado clamando con una voz muy triste diciendo: “PADRE, PADRE, DALE MAS TIEMPO A MI IGLESIA”… y se escucha la voz del Padre diciéndole: “HIJO, YA NO HAY MAS TIEMPO EL TIEMPO SE ACABÓ.”

Y el Señor Jesús estaba derramando lágrimas de Sangre y Me dice: “HIJO NO LES VAS A DAR TIEMPO, EL TIEMPO SE ACABÓ, Y MUCHOS SE PERDERÁN”… y el Señor postrado ordena a miles de ángeles y les dice: “AHORA VAYAN Y MUÉSTRENSE A TRAVÉS DE SUEÑOS; Y ANUNCIEN LO QUE HA DE VENIR”…

y veo como miles de ángeles descienden a la TIERRA… “EL TIEMPO SE HA ACABADO”.

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  1. Thank You for sharing this Prophecy

  2. From my dream journal Wednesday, 6-20-18: “I dreamed something like I was carrying bags or folders with writing about THIS IS THE END OF TIME. Pretty clear in dream but upon waking became gauzy. Seems to go with this word about no more time being given.

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